Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niagara Falls, looking for Paradise

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Are you looking for Paradise? I think that Niagara Falls is actually a paradise! Can you see these photos? They are very well-known due to their beauty and magnificence. When you go there, you fell as if you were in the paradise! These enormous falls are between Ontario (Canada) and the State of New York.

Niagara Falls can be divided into two sections by the Goat Island, these are Horseshoe Falls (Canadian side and the largest one) and the American Falls. It is also said that Niagara Falls were formed in the Ice Age, that is more than 12,000 years ago aprox. These were original glaciers.

The Horseshoe Falls has a height of 53 meters. The width of the waterfalls on the Canadian side is 790 meters; whereas the American Falls has a height of 21-30 meters since there are giant boulders lying on the base of thewaterfalls. The width of the waterfalls on the American side is 320 meters.

Now, let's watch the following video, you can discover the great story of the Niagara Falls as well as their beautiful images. I hope you'll enjoy it!

To my dearest friend Carmen, thanks a lot for your enthusiam and support **

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