Monday, August 23, 2010

Scottish Kilts and Tartans, an old tradition

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When I was studying English, I had two Scottish teachers who told me about the Scottish kilt, specially because one of them was going to get married in Edimburgh and her husband, as Scottish, wanted to wear this. They said that every clan had, and have, their own tartan or kilt.

The Gaelic word `clann´ means “family” or “descendants” and the great clans of the 16th and 17th centuries were indeed very similar to enormous families, ruled by powerful chiets. Sometimes there were fierce battles between different clans but nowadays the McDonalds and the McHenzies, the Campbells and the Lindsays all live in peace with each other.

The wearing of tartans or coloured checks was common in the Highlands before the defeat by the English in 1745. Originally, the tartan was worn as a single piece of cloth, drawn in at the waist and thrown over the shoulders. The kilt did not become popular until the beginning of the 18th century.

Every clan has its own tartan and, since the first international gathering of the clans in 1972, many more people have become interested in traditional forms of Scottish dress. Tartans are now part of international fashion. However, many visitors to Scotland are keen to find out if they have historical connections with any particular clan so that they may proudly wear the correct tartan, such as my teacher's husband. (I hope she is doing well). Another day, I'll write about the Scottish second names and bagpipes. I love this type of music.

At last, you can watch this video with a detailed description on how to wear the Scottish kilt and folk dress.


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