Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

Thanks a lot, I love when you talk to me about new American sitcoms, I love them!!!
Have you ever seen GLEE? Well, don't waste time and watch one of its funny episodes!

This is a musical comedy drama (I thought: Awesome!!!), there is a brilliant mixture of choreography and songs. At first, the sitcom could remind you of High School Musical. As a matter of fact, one of the directors spent some time on Broadway to cast many people who could sing, dance and with some theatrical experience.

The most striking point is that these teenagers are very special, I mean they are rather odd, one is crippled, other is cheerleader, other plays football, ... they can't find their place at High School, but above all, they love singing and dancing!

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan have created this TV serie for FOX. The last one became a member of the Prospect High School choir in Illinois. For this reason, we could state that this sitcom is based on a previous experience.

At last, what's the meaning of GLEE, non-native speakers?
  1. Great merriment
  2. Malicious satisfaction
  3. A type of song originated in 18th century in England, sung by three or more unaccompanied voices.


  1. Mmm...Glee (ahahah I've understood all the text!) :3 A friend give me yesterday a videoclip from that tvshow,They are dancing Bad Romance and I love it!I'm surprised because I was hearing Lady Gaga's songs ._. Ah,I can't believed you commented in spanish! O_O With regard to my draws I only put draws about the novel (I've just finished one,It's on tittle)The others ones will be put in my fotolog...(The last one is Amélie xD) you can look when you want ^^ Excuse me if I am annoying, I get bored VERY MUCH xD

  2. Great!!!! I'll take a look at your photos, paintings, ... and hey!!!! you can write whenever you want, right? Reagards to your mates, ICHARUS.

    Have you ever thought about writing about why you chose Icharus nickname?

    See you :-)

  3. I don't like that other people know my name,and when I was looking for a nikname,I remembered this video from varekai,a Cirque du soleil's show.I also remembered that Icaro was too optimist and wanted fly to the sun,and he finished smashing, and it is something that ends up by living one of the prominent figures of my history (because of it I was called the novel "Las alas de Ícaro")
    In adittion...I love this name xD Mmm...maybe I'll put this comment in my blog..thanks for the idea!

  4. Good choice, good nickname! I've just seen the video, wauuuuu!!!!!!!!! It's amazing!!!!! Creativity never smashes, keep on writing, Icharus! ;)


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