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This Blog is celebrating its 1st Anniversary on September 8th. Therefore, I’d like to write about the STATUE OF LIBERTY, the best symbol of Freedom and Democracy as well as international friendship. That’s why I chose HER as the head of this English Corner. Not only She represents these ideals, but also, she inspires hopes.

During the American Revolution, French gave the Statue of Liberty to the American people as recognition of their friendship. Through the time, the Statue also became a symbol of democracy.

In 1876, the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence, the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was asked to design the Statue. Because of that, She is carrying a book where you can read the 4th of July, commemorating the American Independence.

The Americans had to build the pedestal whereas French the sculpture. In both countries, there were funds to collect money for the colossal statue, little by little, people donated all the money required.

In 1884, the Statue was finished; in 1885, the pedestal was completed too. In June of 1885, the colossal was carried from France to the United States by the frigate “Isere”. Before transporting this, the Statue was divided into 350 individual pieces.

On 28th October 1886, the Statue of Liberty was placed in her island inside the courtyard of the star shaped wall of Fort Wood in New York harbour.

From that moment onwards, this colossal sculpture became a recognizable symbol of the American values; She was admired by many immigrants who came to USA looking for opportunities, her torch seemed to illuminate their way. As a matter of fact, the Statue was originally called LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD.

At last, I encourage you to watch the following videos, and of course, if you travel to NY, you have to go to Liberty Island. It’s amazing! There is a museum in the pedestal where you can see the history of the Statue of Liberty.

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