Monday, September 27, 2010

Present Simple Vs. Present Cont. (post 2)

Hi, Guys!,

As I told you this morning, you should revise these two verbal tenses, so the more you practise them, the better you learn them!

A. Complete the sentences. Use the correct present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
1 Sarah __________________ (usually play) football every Sunday.
2 She ___________________ (not play) today because she’s ill.
3 How often _____________________ (you / go) to the cinema?
4 I ___________________________ (watch) a film on TV at the moment.
5 Mike ________________________ (not often walk) to school.
6 ________________________ (he / travel) by bus today?
7 What _______________________ (you / do) tonight?
8 What _________________ (she / usually / do) at the weekends?

B. Complete the dialogue. Use the correct present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
Anne (1) _______________ (you / always stay in) on Saturdays?
Kath No, I don’t. I usually go out at the weekend. I (2) _______________ (go) to the cinema tonight.
Anne Who (3) _______________ (you / go with)?
Kath With my boyfriend Greg. He (4) _______________ (hardly ever / watch) adventure films, but I really (5) _______________ (enjoy) them. What about you? (6) _______________ (your boyfriend / meet) you this evening?
Anne Yes, he is. He (7) _______________ (come) after work. He (8) _______________ (usually / finish) at five o’clock.

C. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Simple or Present Continuous:

Hi, Debbie,

I ______________ (write) this email from Lloret de Mar. I_________ (be) on holiday here with my family. We ____________ (come) here every year and I always ___________________ (have) a good time. At the moment my mum and dad __________________ (have) lunch, I __________ (be) in town alone. I ________________________ (buy) some presents and I _________________ (write) one or two emails. My boyfriend _____________ (write) to me everyday, but there’s a boy here who I like. He _______________ (sit) near me now. I hope he ____________________ (not understand) this email if he sees it.

Write soon!
Kathy ****

D. Complete the text. Use the present simple and the present continuous.
Kevin Roberts also (play) plays football for Inverness, the same team as Juan. Kevin (1 come)………from Glasgow. At the moment Kevin and Juan (2 play) ………..snooker together. They always (3 speak)…………English because Kevin (4 not speak)……….a word of Spanish. Kevin (5 have got)………a strong Scottish accent which Juan sometimes (6 not understand)……….

E. Complete the text. Use the present simple or present continuous.
Alice always (1) ____________ (meet) her friend, Laura on Saturdays. They usually (2) ____________ (go) shopping and then they (3) ____________ (have) a coffee in their favourite café and they (5) ____________ (chat). Today, Alice (5) ____________ (be) late. Laura (6) ____________ (wait) for her in their usual meeting place. She phones Alice on her mobile.

Laura Hi Alice. Where (7) ____________ (be) you?
Alice I (8) ____________ (sit) on the bus. There (9) ____________ (be) a lot of traffic. What (10)____________ you ____________ (do)?
Laura I (11) ____________ (chat) to Gary, the new student in our class. He (12) ____________ (be) really friendly!
Alice OK! See you in minute.

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