Monday, September 13, 2010

ICE BREAKERS, Coming Back to School

Hi, Teachers!,

Are you ready? New year, new goals, new hopes! Don't you think so?
Well, I'm going to show you some amusing Ice Breakers for the first lesson. I hope you'll find them interesting!

For Secondary and Upper-secondary students: IDENTITY CARDS
This activity is very recommendable, specially when you, as a teacher, don'tknow your new students, or you would like to know them more. You need as many pieces of cardboard as students you have. Your students have to fill in the following gaps: NAME, SURNAMES, GROUP, AGE, EMAIL, HOBBIES, FAVOURITE FILM and SINGER, PLANS FOR THE FUTURE and SUGGESTION or REQUEST.
When they complete all the information, they start talking to their classmates and ask them some personal questions. So, they practise English from the very beginning and know their classmates.

For Primary students: "WHO IS ...?"
The teacher delivers every student a piece of paper. Here, children write their names. The teacher collects these papers and gives them away again. The teacher asks one student to stand up and say:"Hi, my name is Alex" and then, picking up the piece of paper, he / she will ask:"Who is Martha?". Now, Martha will stand up and repeat this again. It's a very easy entertaining way to know each other. If you want to complicate this activity, you can add more information.

I hope you'll like it!

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