Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tracy Chapman

Hi, there!,

Have you ever heard about TRACY CHAPMAN? She's one of my favourite singers, thanks to my cousin, I could listen to her beautiful songs and special voice many years ago.

Tracy was born in 1964, she is an American singer song-writer, she won Grammy Awards several times; she became wellknwon due to her singles "Fast Car", "Talkin'about Revolution", "Baby Can I Hold You", "Give Me One Reason" and "Telling Stories".

When she was 8, she started writing songs and could play the guitar. Thanks to her talent, she was accepted into the program A Better Chance. This let her attend Wooster School and then, Tufts University. Tracy got graduated with B.A. degree in Anthropology and African studies.

at last, but not least, let's listen to these songs! I hope you'll like them!

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