Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi, there!,

Have you ever eaten FISH'n'CHIPS in Ireland or United Kingdom?

Fish and Chips is a popular relatively inexpensive British dish. It was originated in UK at the middle of 19th century, when British started cooking French fries, influenced by French, as well as fried fish or "pescaito frito" introduced by Portuguese a long time ago. This simple dish became very trendy among working classes.

"Fish and chips" consists of plaice or cod fried in batter and served hot with fried, chipped potatoes. The dish is sold in special shops (Fish and Chip shops, commonly called Chippy or Chipper) either to be taken away, wrapped in paper, or you can eat them in the shop. Some young people buy the chips alone to be eaten as a cheap filling snack.

If you travel to London, don't forget to eat typical Fish and Chips! Nevertheless, you can't compare this dish with the Spanish fish fried with olive oil, they are traditional dishes, but quite different.

I hope you'll enjoy this post, you can tell it to your students :-)


  1. Last year you explained this in class...This summer I visited Gibraltar and I saw a big advertisement of "fish'n'chips"...I remembered you a lot! xDD It's true,It's really cheap but we chose a chinesse restaurant.
    You really feel that you are in england there!

  2. Ups, I didn't know that! I hope you enjoyed there and practised your English! ;-)

    Best wishes, Icharus!**


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