Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mc Fly

Hi, Guys!,

McFly is a pop rock band from United Kingdom. The group consists of Tom Fletcher (vocalist and guitarrist), Danny Jones (vocalist and guitarrist too), Dougie Poynter (backing vocalist and plays the bass guitar) and Harry Judd who plays drums.

In 2004, McFly released their first album called Room on the 3rd Floor and it debuted at number 1 in UK album chart. The second album Wonderland was released in 2005, and also, it soon became the number 1. The third album Motion in the Ocean was released in 2006. The fourth album was Radio: Active in 2008.

Now, let's listen to one of the most wellknown songs, I hope you'll enjoy it!

PS. To my dearest students, I hope you'll be happier now! Listening to music is a perfect way to improve your English!!! Let's listen again: "Falling in Love"

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