Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are You Decorating Your ENGLISH Classroom?

Hi, Teachers!,

I think that a teacher's classroom says much about the teacher and his /her style and class expectations. If your students are young, you can ask them to make some posters for the classroom with some useful sentences, such as: "Can you repeat, please?, How do you say it in English?, Can you write this word on the board?".

Then, obviously, these senteces must be used in class. By this way, we can improve their speaking and they feel more involved. It is also important to decorate all the corridors and rooms with English labels. It's not very difficult, you can make these labels with your students in the first lesson, I'm sure they will improve their English vocabulary.

Besides, you can ask your secondary students to decorate the classroom with motivational inspiring posters, such as "No Mountains Too High For You To Climb".
I encourage you to do so with your students, it's easy and rewarding, bear in mind they will learn more, when they are active and creating ;-)
If you are more interested, click on Decorating Your Classroom


  1. it's cool! can u suggest more decorations or posters for a grade four classroom? thanks

  2. Yes,sure!

    But did you see my other posts related to Decorating a class? It's easy, click on "Decorating Classroom" on the right side: Labels.

    Nevertheless, I'll post more tips to decorate classroom, ok?

  3. Hello,
    I am a new teacher, who's gonna start working at a college in a few days. I do not wanna have a dull environment in my class, and need some ideas for my young adult students. Can you help me?

  4. Yes, sure! I'll give you some tips, but I'm afraid that I've already posted all the following ideas, so...

    1. You'd better look at all the posts related to "Decorating Classroom".

    2. Useful Posters which always work with teenagers learners: Class Rules, Classroom Language (such as "How do you say ... in English?"), St Valentine's Poster-Calendar, Class Goals (like "we have to speak English), Inspirational sentences written in English to motivate them, some British posters showing the Union Jack, some important British places and cities.

    4. Enjoy your job! you can also look at "Games" (Labels, on your right). I always use them in class, and my students get more involved, they have a good time while they're speaking and learning English.



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