Sunday, September 26, 2010

WalKinG BaReFooT, a New TreND!!!

Hi, there!,

How do you feel if you have to walk barefoot everyday? But if you can choose... and if it's a new trend... would you like to walk without your shoes?

In these days, many celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman, and famous singers such as Shakira, Kelly Clarkson usually appear on stage without shoes. We can understand that many times, you can feel better barefoot rather than wearing high heels, but why do they like barefoot at the premieres, parties, etc? Just because it is more fashionable or comfortable?

I'd like to believe that these celebrities do so because they are imitating Jonas Brothers, who months ago, promoted "One Day Without Shoes" to make people aware of the difficulty of performing everyday tasks without proper footwear.

Thanks a lot, Cristine!**

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