Saturday, September 18, 2010

CALENDAR, Decorating Your ENGLISH Classroom

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As far as I am concerned, creating an English Calendar is another amusing tool to teach English, specially with primary students, they feel more involved in English classroom, they are usually more cooperative, aren't they? Nevertheless, this year, I'm going to carry out this teaching recipe with my upper-secondarypupils, I hope they'll learn more...

Well, if you're a teacher, you can design your own calendar or look at this webpage: Then, you must hang this on the wall. Below the calendar, you must add a new word everyday, with a picture, phonetic pronunciation, with a sentence showing the meaning of this new word. So, everyday, as an ice breaker, you can ask your pupils the date, read and learn a new word. Even more, you can design your own calendar focusing on a particular semantic field every month.

Do you like my teaching recipe? I hope so!!! From my experience, children and young secondary sutdents are more enthusiastic with this idea.

If you're more interested, click on Decorating Your Classroom

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