Monday, September 6, 2010

Why are Irish Doors so colourful?

Hi, Guys!,

When I was living in Ireland, I wondered why the IRISH DOORS were so colourful; since nearly all their doors were painted in purple, bright yellow, green, blue, ... do you know the reason?

When Queen Victoria’s husband died, a royal decree was sent throughout
the United Kingdom (which Ireland was still apart of at the time). The decree stipulated that all the doors in the cities be painted black to mourn the late royal. The Irish, spiteful and rebellious, ignored the royal decree and painted their doors every color except black.

Even today, the doors remain colorful as a reminder of their disobedience.
Nevertheless, you can also find a black one which means there is a British living there.

I hope you'll enjoy this amusing story that you can tell your students this year!!!

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