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Thanks a lot, I love when you talk to me about new American sitcoms, I love them!!!
Have you ever seen GLEE? Well, don't waste time and watch one of its funny episodes!

This is a musical comedy drama (I thought: Awesome!!!), there is a brilliant mixture of choreography and songs. At first, the sitcom could remind you of High School Musical. As a matter of fact, one of the directors spent some time on Broadway to cast many people who could sing, dance and with some theatrical experience.

The most striking point is that these teenagers are very special, I mean they are rather odd, one is crippled, other is cheerleader, other plays football, ... they can't find their place at High School, but above all, they love singing and dancing!

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan have created this TV serie for FOX. The last one became a member of the Prospect High School choir in Illinois. For this reason, we could state that this sitcom is based on a previous experience.

At last, what's the meaning of GLEE, non-native speakers?
  1. Great merriment
  2. Malicious satisfaction
  3. A type of song originated in 18th century in England, sung by three or more unaccompanied voices.


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Why is the London Clock Tower called BIG BEN? Although it is popularly believed that Big Ben is the name of the four faced clock which rises above the Houses of Parliament, this is not true. Big Ben is the name of the BELL which strikes every quarter of an hour.

However, it is also believed that Big Ben nickname comes from a small man who oversaw the installation of the Great Bell. the clock and whose name was Sir Benjamin Hall. So, from that moment onwards, the Clock Tower was called Big Ben.

This international British symbol rises above the Houses of Parliament. This clock tower was built at Westminster in 1288. In 1367, the first tower was replaced, and this became the first public shimming clock in England.

In 1834, the 16th October, there was a fire, a new present clock, Big Ben, was raise in a neo-gothic style.In 1840, the architect Charles Barry, started the construction of the new Palace of Westminster.

Its height: 96.3 metres and the bottom: 61 metres.

The Clock Tower is a focus of New Year celebrations in the United Kingdom. Last year, Big Ben celebrated its 150th anniversary.

If you want to go on reading about the history of the BIG BEN, you can watch the following videos.

Houses of Parliament and The Big Ben
Cargado por GiftTours. - Divertidos y exóticos vídeos de viaje.

If you are more interested or you'd like to visit this inside, please, click on:

The Notting Hill Carnival

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Last 29th and 30th August, the Notting Hill Carnival took place. This started in 1964 because of the Afro-caribbean communities who wanted to celebrate their customs, traditions in UK too. So, if you've visited London these days, you could have seen many African dances, Caribbean music, food as if you were in Rio de Janeiro. There is a large colourful parade in Notting Hill (West London), there are many people disguised, stalls, ... It's really entertaining!!!

Notting Hill Carnival 2009 Photo / stop motion from Mark Rigler on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ghost Whisperer

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Today, I'd like to write about one of my favourite American sitcoms, GHOST WHISPERER, starred by Jennifer Love Hewitt, in the TV serie MELINDA. She has a special ability, she can communicate with dead people, she actually helps them to find and cross over into the LIGHT or spirit world.

There are many thrilling exciting moments along the episodes because helping these people to find the Light is a difficult task.

Melinda sometimes has to struggle with the spirits or other people who do not believe her. However, she is not alone, her husband Jim, Delia, Professor Rick Payne and other characters always stand by her.

This TV serie is setting in an unreal town called Grandview, she has an antique shop called "Same As It Never Was".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Invisible Woman

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Thanks to Island Gal, I could see one of the best video that I've ever watched, I'm talking about The Invisible Woman. I strongly recommend you to watch it, it's really worthwhile!!! Don't worry if you cry.

Besides, I wanted to know more about this woman and her speech, so surfing on the internet, I found that this video is part of an American association. But above all, we could appreciate their wonderful messages, methapors, ... Therefore, I've just decided to post other videos taken from this Christian American organisation called Women of Faith. This group of women have been holding conferences in USA since 1996. In these videos, you can find hopeful messages in American style, so they're really motivating and helpful. Now, why don't you watch them? Amazing!!!

To my mum, to all women and mothers, you are not invisible, THANKS A MILLION for your generosity, work, support, ... you are not alone, we'll always stand by you!

If you are more interested, click on here:

Céline Dion

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First of all, I'd like to say that
CÉLINE DION is one of my favourite singer, I love singing "I'm Your Angel" or "A New Day Has Come", because of its beautiful lyrics, because of her great voice. So, I encourage you to listen to one of her wonderful songs, they are simply gorgeous! Céline Dion was born in Quebec (Canada) on 30th March in 1968. She was actually a French teen star until her manager and future husband René Angélil helped her to release her album Unison. Thanks to this, she became well-known in many English-speaking countries.

It was followed by the albums "The Colour of My Love" (1993) and "Deux" (1995).

In 1996 the Grammy-winning album "Falling Into You" made her more popular. In 1998, she became more famous due to her album "Let's Talk About Love" including "My Heart Will Go On," the soaring theme to romantic drama Titanic. After being retired, somehow imposed, somehow voluntary, Dion released "A New Day" including great songs such as "I'm alive".

In 2001, she gave birth her first son. Now, she is going to have twins, and agian, she is retired in Florida. It is expected that she will appear again in Las Vegas (15th March 2011).

To Juanmi, good luck and I hope your dreams will come true! "No mountains too high for you to climb..."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scottish Kilts and Tartans, an old tradition

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When I was studying English, I had two Scottish teachers who told me about the Scottish kilt, specially because one of them was going to get married in Edimburgh and her husband, as Scottish, wanted to wear this. They said that every clan had, and have, their own tartan or kilt.

The Gaelic word `clann´ means “family” or “descendants” and the great clans of the 16th and 17th centuries were indeed very similar to enormous families, ruled by powerful chiets. Sometimes there were fierce battles between different clans but nowadays the McDonalds and the McHenzies, the Campbells and the Lindsays all live in peace with each other.

The wearing of tartans or coloured checks was common in the Highlands before the defeat by the English in 1745. Originally, the tartan was worn as a single piece of cloth, drawn in at the waist and thrown over the shoulders. The kilt did not become popular until the beginning of the 18th century.

Every clan has its own tartan and, since the first international gathering of the clans in 1972, many more people have become interested in traditional forms of Scottish dress. Tartans are now part of international fashion. However, many visitors to Scotland are keen to find out if they have historical connections with any particular clan so that they may proudly wear the correct tartan, such as my teacher's husband. (I hope she is doing well). Another day, I'll write about the Scottish second names and bagpipes. I love this type of music.

At last, you can watch this video with a detailed description on how to wear the Scottish kilt and folk dress.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Niagara Falls, looking for Paradise

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Are you looking for Paradise? I think that Niagara Falls is actually a paradise! Can you see these photos? They are very well-known due to their beauty and magnificence. When you go there, you fell as if you were in the paradise! These enormous falls are between Ontario (Canada) and the State of New York.

Niagara Falls can be divided into two sections by the Goat Island, these are Horseshoe Falls (Canadian side and the largest one) and the American Falls. It is also said that Niagara Falls were formed in the Ice Age, that is more than 12,000 years ago aprox. These were original glaciers.

The Horseshoe Falls has a height of 53 meters. The width of the waterfalls on the Canadian side is 790 meters; whereas the American Falls has a height of 21-30 meters since there are giant boulders lying on the base of thewaterfalls. The width of the waterfalls on the American side is 320 meters.

Now, let's watch the following video, you can discover the great story of the Niagara Falls as well as their beautiful images. I hope you'll enjoy it!

To my dearest friend Carmen, thanks a lot for your enthusiam and support **

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Develop your Writing Skills

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Would you like to develop and improve your writing skill? Well, you can see the following useful chart. It's full of interesting sentences. It's gonna be helpful!

Writing Phrases

Phrasal Verbs, a great list

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As we all know, studying Phrasal Verbs can be really hard, you can forget these verbs easily when you don't use them. So, I'm going to ask you to take a look at this list. After that, try to use one of this verb in a sentence. You may not forget this ...

You'd better memorise an example everytime you study one phrasal verb, ok?

List of Phrasal Verbs

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CooKiNg SaLaDs (3)

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Have you ever tried an exotic salad such as this one? Maybe in a restaurant? Well, you can cook it at home, it's not very difficult.

Ingridients (see the photos):
1. Pineapple
2. Prawn
3. Lettuce
4. Palitos de cangrejo
5. Cocktail sauce

Cut the pineapple into two pieces (see the picture). "Mine" the pineapple and cut it into small pieces. Peel the prawns. Chop all ingridients.

In a bowl, mix them with cocktail sauce, and then, put into the pineapple. You'd better see the first photo.

Finally, you have to
put it in the fridge until it is served.

PS. Enjoy your meal ;-)

Kit CHeN and FooD VoCaBuLaRy

Hi, Guys!,

Once again, thanks to English Lessons online, we can learn a lot vocabulary! In these videos, there are some expressions related to kitchen, vegetables, fruit, food vocabulary. You can also learn how to pronounce these words. Let's watch them! What's the meaning of AVOCADO, SULTANAS or NUTCRACKER? This vocabulary becomes really necessary when you travel abroad, Sure! CHEERS ;-)

CooKiNg SaLaDs (2)

Hi, Guys!,

If you love eating healthy food, especially salads, here you are another recipe. I like this one too!

Ingridients (see the photos):
1. Corn salad or lamb's salad.
2. Burgos cheese, cabrales cheese and common cheese
3. Walnut
4. Raisins
5. Olive oil
6. Sweet and sour sauce
7. Salt

Cut some cheese into small pieces, mix with all the ingridients. Then add some oil, salt and sweet-sour sauce. It's delicious!

PS. Reading recipes and then cooking these, it's actually an entertaining way to teach and learn English!!! I hope you'll enjoy your meal! ;-)

Cooking SALADS (1)

Hi, Guys!,

Would you like to cook something healthy, easy to prepare and too delicious? Well, you need to read this fantastic recipe before!

Ingridients (see the pictures):
1. Chicory
2. Burgos Cheese
3. 1 or 2 apples
4. Olive oil
5. Salt
6. Vinegar (optional)

Peel the apple(s). Cut everythinhg into small pieces and mix all the ingridients in a bowl. Then add some olive oil, salt and vinegar (if you wish).

That's all!!! Come on! Don't waste time! I hope you'll enjoy your meal ;-)

PS. To my mum, she loves making up salads for me! She's gorgeous!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Uncle SAM, symbol of American Patriotism

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Have you ever wondered about the origin of UNCLE SAM? Where does he come from? Well, my mother asked me this a few days ago, and I could only answer her that this famous man is one of the most representative emblem of American Patriotism, as well as the Statue of Liberty. But what is his origin?

It is said that Uncle Sam was actually a meat packer in Troy, New York. His name was Mr Samuel Wilson. During the War of 1812, he supplied rations to the American army. As a matter of fact, these goods were stamped with these letters "E.A. - U.S.", E. A. referred to Elbert Anderson; whereas it was believed that U.S. referred to abbreviation of USA. Surprisingly, one of Sam's workers joshed that it stood for "Elbert Anderson and Uncle Sam," meaning the jovial Wilson himself. The soldiers already knew Samuel Wilson's cooperation, but they continued saying Uncle Sam. Was it only a joke?

Thus, from that moment onwards, the legend of Uncle Sam as a patriotic symbol and American proud cooperation was spread over the country.

If you are interested, you can read more at Suite101: Uncle Sam: A Brief History of America's Greatest Symbol (Brief history for Children)

All Tenses (post 7)

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If you need to review all tenses mixed, here you are a fantastic exercise!
Have a Nice Day ;-)
Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1. Why ______ you _______ (be) so tired?
2. Because I ____________ (be) to the gym.
3. It ________________ (rain) all day.
4. Last night, I ______________ (decide) to go snowboarding.
5. My brother ______________ (buy and sell) cars. He _______________ (earn) a lot of money.
6. If I ___________ (need) money, I ___________ (get) a job.
7. When my sister _________ (be) a teenager, she ___________ (use/play) with barbies.
8. I _________ (think) you ____________ (improve) your English in USA.
9. When Ross ____________ (talk) on the phone, Rachel ________ (get) dressed.
10. After Sarah ______________ (eat) all the pasta, she ___________ (leave) home.
11. We all _______________ (relax) because the manager ______________ (leave).
12. Hey, what _______ you ________ (do) tonight? _______ you _______ (like) to come with me?
13. Well, I can’t, I ___________ (work) tonight.
14. Now, he _____________ (read) a book. I ______________ (finish) it by tomorrow.
15. When the football match __________ (start), a little rabbit __________ (appear).
16. Why ________ you _______ (call) Sarah? She ________ (wait) for your call.
17. If I ___________ (know) you __________ (come) to the party, we ___________ (pick you up).
18. David ____________ (speak) three languages. Oh! It _____ (be) fantastic!
19. Where ________ she ________ (born). She ________ (born) in Malta.
20. Two weeks ago, Mike and Peter _________ (meet) Jane at John’s house.
21. They ____________ (get) married when they ___________ (save) enough money.
22. By this time next week, we _________ (sunbathe) on the beach!
23. Tom!, Susan __________ (just/arrive). Come on, _______ (go) down.
24. ________ you _______ (be/ ever) to Washington DC?
25. While we _____________ (swim) in the sea, we ___________ (see) a shark.
26. Who ____________ (talk) to you very soon?
27. I ___________ (not believe) a word he ________ (say). He ___________ (tell always) lies.
28. In 2019, you ___________ (get) a job.
29. _________ she ________ (try / ever) the Spanish omelet?
30. No, she ________ (have), but she ___________ (taste / already) Salmorejo.

All Tenses, text taken from TWILIGHT by Stephenie Mayer

Hi, there!,

You may have read TWILIGHT or seen the movie. So, I'm going to ask you to read the following text taken from the first novel of the saga, and then, complete with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. At the bottom, you could check your answers. I hope you'll enjoy this experiment!

Complete the following text taken from TWILIGHT with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

“Edward Cullen ___________ (stare) at you again”, Jessica ______ (say), finally breaking through my abstraction in with his name. “I __________ (wonder) why he __________ (sit) alone today”.
My head _______ (snap) up. I __________ (follow) her gaze to see Edward, smiling crookedly, staring at me from an empty table across the cafeteria from where he usually ______ (sit). Once he _________ (catch) my eye, he _________ (raise) one hand and motioned with his index finger for me to join him. As I __________ (stare) in disbelief, he winked.
“_______ he _______ (mean) you?”, Jessica _______ (ask) with insulting astonishment in her voice.
“Maybe he needs help with his Biology homework”, I_________ (mutter) for her benefit. “Um, I’d better go see what he wants”. I could feel her staring after me as I walked away.
When I ________ (reach) his table, I stood behind the chair across from him, unsure.
“Why _______ you_____ (sit) with me today?”, he _________ (ask), smiling.
I _________ (sit) down automatically, watching him with caution. He ______ (be) still smiling. It _____ (be) hard to believe that someone so beautiful could be real. I _____ (be) afraid that he might disappear in a sudden puff of smoke, and I would wake up.
He _______ (seem) to be waiting for me to say something.
“This _____ (be) different!, I finally _______ (manage).
“Well…” He _______ (pause), and then the rest of the words ______ (follow) in a rush. “I ________ (decide) as long as I _________ (go) to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly”.”You know I ________ (not have) any idea what you mean”, I eventually _________ (point) out.


“Edward Cullen is staring at you again”, Jessica said, finally breaking through my abstraction in with his name. “I wonder why he’s sitting alone today”.
My head snapped up. I followed her gaze to see Edward, smiling crookedly, staring at me from an empty table across the cafeteria from where he usually sat. Once he’d caught my eye, he raised one hand and motioned with his index finger for me to join him. As I stared in disbelief, he winked.
“Does he mean you?”, Jessica asked with insulting astonishment in her voice.
“Maybe he needs help with his Biology homework”, I muttered for her benefit. “Um, I’d better go see what he wants”.I could feel her staring after me as I walked away.
When I reached his table, I stood behind the chair acroos from him, unsure.
“Why don’t you sit with me today?”, he asked, smiling.
I sat down automatically, watching him with caution. He was still smiling. It was hard to believe that someone so beautiful could be real. I was afraid that he might disappear in a sudden puff of smoke, and I would wake up.
He seemed to be waiting for me to say something.
“This is different!, I finally managed.
“Well…” He paused, and then the rest of the words followed in a rush. “I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly”.”You know I don’t have any idea what you mean”, I eventually pointed out.

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Hi, Guys!,

Thanks a lot, Ángela Ruiz, excellent task, you've got great worksheets! adjectives

Reporting VERBS ( post 6 )

Hi, there!,

This post is also related to Reported Speech. I've just read some of your emails asking me more exercises, and because of that, I've decided to post them. I hope you'll improve your "Reported Speech". As always, if you need me, call me ;-)


Reported Speech ( post 5 )

Hi, there!,

If you need to review Reported Speech and more exercises, click and print the following pages. I hope you'll find them useful! Have a Nice Day! ;-)

Thank you, madrasati, ang_ruiz and scribd.
Reported Speech

Reported speech

Modal Verbs

Hi, Guys!,

If you need to practise Modals, here you are more exercises.
Thank you ang-ruiz and scribd!
Certain: Must and Can’t i’m Sure Peter

Exercicis Modals
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