Sunday, April 25, 2010

COMENIUS PROJECT: Welcome to Europe ! ! !

(poster made by our pupils and their Art Teacher Cristina)

Hi, there!,

Today, I'd like to talk about the COMENIUS PROJECT. Have you ever heard about it?

The Comenius programme let European students, from pre-school until secondary, know, learn and understand the diversity of European cultures, languages and values.

This European project pursues several goals, such as: to encourage language learning, innovative ITC-based content, services and better teaching techniques and practises. Because of that, we, as English teachers (within the European framework), play an important role, and once again, our students see the importance of learning English.

If you are more interested, you can find more accurate description of this project in:

From my experience, I can tell you that the students become more aware of Europe, they realise that English is the most international language, ... and they feel really happy when they send as well as receive letters, postcards from the other foreign students.

Therefore, nearly every term, each school have to exchange a Recipe Book, Tales, Christmas, etc. Both written in English and in their mother tongue.

At last but no least, the Comenius teachers have to travel to other schools, which are also members of that Comenius group, to see children's tasks, to meet and speak to those students in English, ... and the host teachers organise trips around their cities, traditional parties, and the visitor teachers enjoy the cities, eat the typical food, ... It is always an enriching experience!

PS. Regards to all my mates, we are always working hard in this project.

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