Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reported Speech ...(post 3) more exercises with key answers

Hi there, Guys!,

Very soon, you are going to take another exam, I suppose you need to review the Reported Speech again. So, I'm going to release more exercises with the key answers. If you have any question, you can ask me anything in class, ok?

Write these sentences into Reported or Direct Speech:1. The man stated: “I didn’t steal anything yesterday. I won it in a lottery a month ago”.
The man stated that he hadn't stolen anything the day before. He had won it in a lottery a month before.
2. Mary asked him: “Why aren’t you calling me today?”
Mary asked him why he wasn't calling her that day.
3. My parents suggested me: “Why don’t you study everyday?”
My parents suggested me not studying everyday.
4. Karsts wanted to know how much money they had.
Karsts wanted to know: "How much money do you have?"
5. She asked Laura to sit down and not to talk to Jane then.
She asked Laura:" Sit down and don't talk to Jane now".
6. Peter told us: “I’m going to the club tonight. Do you want to come with me?”
Peter told us that he was going to the club that night. If we wanted to come with them.
7. The teacher said: “Don’t forget that your exams are starting next week!”
The teacher said not to forget that our exams were starting the following week.
8. My mother asked me: “Will you come home tomorrow?”
My mother asked me if I would come home the following day.

Turn the following sentence into reported speech (direct or indirect):1. “He has drunk too much tonight”, Peter said.
Peter said that he had drunk too much that night.2. The ecologist explained that we could save a lot of trees by recycling paper.
The ecologist explained: "You can save a lot of trees by recycling paper".
3. Mum told us:” Give me your keys and don’t forget to phone me when you arrive”.
Mum told us to give her our keys and not to forget to phone her whe we arrived.
5. William asked her:” Did you see my sunglasses that I left here yesterday?”
William asked her if I had seen his sunglasses that he had left there the day before.

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