Monday, April 12, 2010

Passive (6) ... more sentences with key answers

Hi, Guys!,

If you need to keep on practising Passive sentences, you can do and correct yourselves the following ones, ok?

1. My grandfather always read my brother and me many tales when we were children.
My borhter and I were always read many tales by my grandfather when we were children.
2. All the teachers should encourage their pupils.
Their pupils should be encouraged by all the teachers.
3. All the pupils should follow their teachers’ pieces of advice.
Their teachers' pieces of advice should be followed by all the pupils.
4. He proposed me a new job last week.
I was proposed a new job last week.
5. They are announcing the public opinion a new method to reduce expenses.
The public opinion is being announced a new method to reduce expenses.
6. The scientists are going to discover a new aspirin quickly.
A new aspirin is going to be discovered by the scientists quickly.
7. The prime minister couldn’t see the disaster.
The disaster couldn't be seen by the prime minister.
8. My mother suggested me to buy this beautiful dress.
I was suggested by my mother to buy this beautiful dress.
9. She is showing the students all the rooms of the museum.
The students are showed all the rooms of the museum.
10. My friend has recommended them that romantic novel.
They have been recommended that romantic novel by my friend.
11. She didn’t invite all of us to her party.
All of us weren't invited to her party.
12. She declared us the impossibility to go to her party.
We were declared the impossibility to go to her party.
13. We can see many aeroplanes in Málaga.
Many aeroplanes can be seen in Malaga.
14. Mr Dido would teach Richard to sing opera.
Richard would be taught to sing opera by Mr Dido.
15. The company is requiring the employees their effort and support at that moment.
The employees are being required their effort and support by the company at the moment.
16. He anticipated their colleagues his decision.
Their colleagues were anticipated his decision.
17. I had to take the children to the swimming-pool last Saturday.
The children had to be taken to the swimming-pool (by me) last Saturday.
18. We are going to bring Ann a birthday present.
Ann is going to be brought a birthday present.
19. We are taking that actress a lot of photos on the beach now.
That actress is being taken a lot of photos on the beach now.
20. They won’t describe me the situation.
I won't be described the situation.
21. We didn’t ask any signature to the famous football player.
The famous football player wasn't asked any signature.
22. That businessman is going to sell many refrigerators to the Eskimos.
The Eskimos are going to be sold many refrigerators by that businessman.
23. My mother will order us to tidy our bedroom.
We will be ordered to tidy our bedroom by my mother.
24. Ross didn't give her any sweet.
She wasn't given any sweet by Ross.

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