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Hi, Guys!,

Do you need more practise of HAVE / GET SOMETHING DONE? Well, apart from the exercises that I gave you in class, I have taken from these webs:
the following exercises. If you want to do more exercises, you can find more through the internet and looking at the webs recommended in my blog, ok?

Nevertheless, I'm going to release the pattern, pay attention to the picture, please!

Complete the sentences using HAVE + STH + DONE

1.Yesterday, (I / cut / my hair) . Yesterday, I had my hair cut.
2.Every Friday, (Joe / wash / his car) . Everyday, Joe has his car washed.

3.Tomorrow, (she / repair / her shower) . Tomorrow, she will have her shower repaired.
4.Each Saturday, (we / deliver / a pizza) to our home.
Each Saturday, we have a pizza delivered.
5.Last year, (Bob / clean / his house) by a charwoman. Last year, Bob had his house cleaned.
6.As Phil had a broken arm, (he / type / his texts) by his secretary.
As Phil had a broken arm, he had his texts typed.
7.(I / pick up / the goods) tomorrow in the afternoon.
I am going to have the goods picked up.
8.(we / redecorate / our walls) last summer.
We had our walls redecorated last summer.
9.Whenever Clara is staying at this hotel, (she / carry / her bags) into her room.
Whenever Clara is staying at this hotel, she has her bags carried into her room.
10.(we / organise / our last party) by professionals.
We had our last party organised.

Fill the gaps with have and the verb in brackets in their correct forms.
1 We ___________ the roof ___________ last year. It cost us a packet. (repair)

2 Anne ___________ her hair ___________ every Friday afternoon. (do) HAS her hair DONE

3 I ___________ the brakes ___________ three times a year. (check) HAVE the brakes CHECKED
4 The government ___________ the whole town ___________ yesterday. (evacuate) HAD the whole town EVACUATED
5 I ___________ my hard drive ___________ for a bigger one last week. (change) HAD my hard drive CHANGED
6 When did you last ___________ the airconditioning ___________ ? (service) HAVE the air conditioning SERVICED
7 You don't think Liv Tyler's beautiful?! You should ___________ your eyes ___________ . (test) HAVE your eyes TESTED
8 After the plague of fleas, the boss ___________ the office ___________ . (disinfect) HAD the office DISINFECTED
9 Your cat's coughing. You need to ___________ him ___________ for parasites. (treat) HAVE him TREATED
10 Daphne ___________ her legs ___________ once a fortnight. (do) HAS her legs DONE
11 I normally ___________ my suit dry ___________ before a wedding. (clean) HAVE my suit dry CLEANED
12 The headmaster ___________ all the lockers ___________ for the missing footballs yesterday. (search) HAD all the lockers SEARCHED
13 Have you ___________ your house ___________ ? (double-glaze) HAD your house DOUBLE-GLAZED
14 Have you ___________ that poster I bought you ___________ yet? (frame) HAD that poster that I bought FRAMED
15 The house is in chaos. We're ___________ a new kitchen ___________ in. (put) HAVING a new kitchen PUT

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