Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16th June, BLOOMSDAY in EIRE

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Today, Bloomsday is being celebrated in Ireland, specially in Dublin, where the famous novel Ulysses takes in place.
In Ulysses, written by Joyce, all the events took place the same day, the 16th June and these passages reflect as the novel, Leopold Bloom's adventures. The day involves a range of cultural activities including Ulysses readings and dramatisations, pub crawls and general merriment, much of it hosted by the James Joyce Centre in North Great George's Street. Enthusiasts often dress in Edwardian costume to celebrate Bloomsday, and retrace Bloom's route around Dublin via landmarks such as Davy Byrne's pub.

Many years ago, I had to read this well-known novel at University. I had a good time reading it as well as listening to my university professor's stories. (My teacher was Francisco García Tortosa, and he is famous because of his translation of this novel into Spanish, and he is an expert on this novel and author. It was an honour for me). I can remember that some mates and I met him next to the Giralda Tower, in Seville, on 16th June that year, and we attended to a literary meeting where some people read some passages of the novel in English and Spanish. It was at the sunset, it was an unforgettable experience!

My professor spent most of the time narrating the protagonists' adventures as if they were real people. It was fascinating! He talked about Dublin, its streets, its pubs, enthusiastically that most of us ended up travelling to Dublin!

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