Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MAKE or DO? That is the question ...

Hi, Guys!,

Do you often mix and get so confused with MAKE or DO? Well, I hope you'll like this!

1. DO: We often use DO with certain nouns to describe certain activites or
things that have an effect on people: Ex. Sorry, I can't go out, I have to do my homework.

In informal Enlgish, we can use DO instead of anohter verb such as: "Can you do my shoes?" = "can you clean my shoes?"

*Do business
*Do damage
* Do an exercise

* Dom someone a favour
* Do no good, do not any good
* Do housework
* Do an injury
* Do a job
* Do researc
* Do flowers = arrange them
* Do hair or nails = cut them
* Do beds = make beds
* Do a cupboard, a desk, a garden = tidy

* Do the ironing
* Do t
he washing up
* Do a bit of skiiing
* Do the gardening
* Do the shopping

2. MAKE: We use make to talk aobut constructing or creating something.
* Make an announcement.
* Make an pplication.
* Make an arrangement.
* Make an attempt.
* Make a choice.
* Make some coffee.

* Make a cooment.
* Make a contri
* Make a decision.
* Make a difference.

* Make a discovery.
* Make an enquiry.

* Make an excuse.
* Make friends.
* Make a habit of doing something.

* Make a list.
* Make money.

* Make a noise.

* Make an offer.
* Make a phone call.

* Make a plan.

* Make a point.

* Make a point.

* Make a promise.

* Make a remark.
* Make a sound.
* Make a speech.

* Make a suggestion.

Do you need to do any exercises? Well, click on the following links:
http://perso.wanadoo.es/autoenglish/gr.make.p.htm http://wwwedu.ge.ch/cptic/prospective/projets/anglais/exercises/makedo1.htm http://www.saberingles.com.ar/exercises/225.html

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