Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EaSy FuNNy ProJectS to LeaRn EnGLisH

Hi, there!,

Today, I'd like to share some of my pupils' projects with all of you. These are not a heavy task, and they learn a lot! When they carry out them, they feel involved and motivated. Even more, I always have a good time correcting their projects. Maybe you, as teachers, have already done these projects, if not, come on! don't waste time and just do them with your students!

This one is called "Important Things To Me".

So, the students (1st or 2nd year of ESO) have to write short paragraphs with the following topics: my family, my pet, my friends, my hobbies, my favourite singer and my dreams. You can add more topics if you want, ok?

They only need to write these brief texts, take some photos and present them in a piece of cardboard. After that, you can tell your pupils that if they are really creative, they'll get a better mark!

Now, can you see these examples? They are so nice!

Moreover, you can carry out the same project changing the topic, for example: At Christmas, Next Summer, My Dreams, My favourite TV serie, Environment, Animals Endangered, and so on.

This type of projects is so rewarding that you'll never forget them, and your students are writing short texts, revising grammar, vocabulary, etc. It IS ACTUALLY AN EXCELLENT WAY TO IMPROVE ENGLISH AND MOTIVATE THEM.


I hope you'll like it! ;-)

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