Sunday, May 30, 2010

"HaTe ThAt I lOvE YoU" ... learning English

Hi, Guys!,

Most English teachers usually listen to some famous songs in class, we all
think listening to music is an amazing way to LEARN ENGLISH. So, don't waste time, and let's listen to Rihanna singing "Hate that I Love You".

But before, pay attention to the following words taken from its lyrics:
1. I can't stand ya = I can't stand YOU
2. You know exactly what to do
3. You won't let me do
4. You upset me boi = you upset me boy
5. Then you kiss my lips
6. all of a sudden I forgot
7. Remember whar ya did =
what you did
8. I wanna = I want
9. the only one who makes me laugh
10. How you take advantage of the fact

11. I love you beyond the reason why

12. and I have how much I love you / how much I need you
13. I can't let you go

14. One of these days may your won't affect me

15. You'll probably has a spell on me!

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