Thursday, May 27, 2010

Modern Family TV serie

Hi, Guys!,

Last week, one of my blogger-friends talked about MODERN FAMILY, a new American sitcom, in her blog:
Since I love American hilarious TV series, I decide to post one of its episodes. She was certain!, this sitcom is fascinating, entertaining and really funny! I hope you'll like it!
The sitcom revolves around several outstanding families, as you can see in the following video, who meet in their neighbourhood. Have a look at the Families' Trees!

Javier Delgado
Gloria Delgado Pritchett

Jay Pritchett
DeDe Pritchett

Unnamed Mother
Frank Dunphy

Manny Delgado

Cameron Tucker
Mitchell Pritchett
Claire Pritchett Dunphy

Phil Dunphy

Lily Pritchett-Tucker

Haley Dunphy
Alexis Dunphy
Luke Dunphy

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