Friday, May 14, 2010

AdJeCtIvEs and PrEpOsItIoNs

Hi, Guys!,

I'm going to post a list of ADJECTIVES followed by a particular PREPOSITIONS. When I started learning English, I generelly sang or wrote them a lot of times, I had to memorise them.... But now, it's FAR BETTER!!!!!!!! We can use internet and do funny exercises such as these ones, hahah ;-)

Well, let's see the list first. Then you can do the following activities taken from:

Check your answers looking at the Adj+Prep.

angry, annoyed, furious, happy + ABOUT + something

They are angry about the punishment.
angry, furious + WITH / AT + someone FOR something
I'm angry at you for having lied to me!
worried, excited, sorry + ABOUT + something
They are very excited about the play.

good / bad + AT + noun/gerund
I'm good at cooking, but I'm bad at English.

amazed, amused, astonished, shocked + AT /BY + something
He was shocked by /at the news.
famous, responsible, sorry+ FOR + something
Madonna is famous her music.

different + FROM
I'm quite different from my borther.

fond, proud, tired, afraid, ashamed, aware, jealous + OF + something, someone
I'm proud of you!

How can you be afraid of ghosts?

(un)capable, (un)aware, full + OF + something
You are capable of doing this exercise

keen + ON
I'm really keen on flying

interested + IN + someone, something
Cris is interested in contemporary art.

married, nice, rude, (un)friendly + TO + someone

You should be nice to verybody.

accotumed /used TO + gerund
I'm used to getting up early.
crowded + WITH
We couldn't come in, it was so crowded of people.


Look at these adjectives and write the correct preposition.
1. They are excited _____their trip to Paris next June.
2. I feel sorry ______ Gosia. She is so lonely these days.
3. Are you good ______ golf?
4. That flat is different ________ the one I was looking for.
5. Constable is famous ________ his landscapes.
6. I must admit I was shocked ________ her behaviour at the party.
7. She's rather worried ________ her son's studies.
8. I'm just hopeless________ learning Polish.
9. She's furious ______ her son's grades in school.
10. They were surprised ________ their good fortune.
11. I'm upset ________ my health.
12. She was annoyed with Angela _______ ignoring their agreement

Look at these adjectives and write the correct prepostion OF/ON/TO/WITH:

1. It was very kind _______ you to buy me such a wonderful present. Thank you!
2. The shop was crowded ______ people.
3. I have been married _______ Kasia for over ten years.
4. She was very good _______ Arek while he was visiting.
5. It was very good ______ you to come.
6. They are very keen ________ stamp collecting.
7. Their house is quite similar ________ ours.
8. I'm afraid I'm rather disappointed ________ my new computer.
9. His teachers were cruel _____ him when he was young.
10. She is proud _______ her high marks on the exam.
11. Unfortunately, he is quite jealous _______ his neighbour's new car.
12. It was rather clever _______ Gregory to combine his business trip with a visit to his favourite museum.
13. He's become bored ______ his latest hobby.
14. I'm afraid he is incapable ________ understanding the most basic concepts.
15. Magda! Don't be rude ________ your mother-in-law.

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