Thursday, May 20, 2010

AIRPORT (BBC documentary, conversation, specific vocabulary)

Hi, Guys!,

Very soon, you may be on holidays! Do you remember the Airport vocabulary? OK, let's see it again, it's always useful! Thanks to, you've got a long list of words related to AIRPORT as well as some sentences. Take a look!

Then, you can watch two exciting episodes taken from the BBC. This TV serie is called "Airport". It is actually a British documentary based at London Heathrow Airport, one of the world's busiest international airports.

1. Can you PLEASE tell me the frequency of the flights from... to...?
2. Is IT possible to return the next day?
3. Can I search FOR the prices of the flights on-line?
4. Or... Can I FIND the prices of the flights on-line?

air traffic control, aircraft, airline counter, airport, aisle seat, arrivals, arrivals are delayed, arrivals are on schedule, baggage claim, baggage limitation, boarding pass, cabin, carry-on luggage, cockpit, connecting flight, control tower, crew, customs, departures, direct flight/ non-stop flight, domestic flight, duty free, emergency exit, emergency landing, excess baggage, flight attendant, flight number, gate, international flight, jet bridge, jet lag, landing, life vest, loudspeakers, luggage compartment, one-way trip, overbooking, plane, registered luggage, restroom/ lavatory, round trip, runway,
seat belt, stewardess, to board, to fasten the seatbelt, etc.

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