Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

Are you hanging out with your friends tonight?
Are you going to a PUB?
Do you know where the word “PUB” comes from? Well, it comes from the colloquial abbreviation of the words PUBLIC HOUSES.

It is a typical British place, although in these public houses alcoholic drinks are drunk and sold, a pub is actually more than that. Since it is a place where friends, neighbours and workmates meet at the end of the day. When I lived in Ireland (Dublin and Galway), I perfectly remember those guys shouting because of the soccer. And whenever I heard them screaming, I said "oh! it's like Spain!".

The most demanded drink is the BEER. There are many different kinds of beer. Even more, it is very typical to ask a pint of beer (5’68 cl.) in Ireland.

Have you ever paid attention to the pubs that appear on the movies or films. They look older. They are decorated with many ancient objects, tools, news about important events taken from newspapers on the walls, shelves full of books that you can read while you are drinking a beer. Why? because they want to keep a few old traditions, such as this kind of decoration, which also gives them a sense of Britishness, and at the same time, this way of decorating helps them to mantain their individuality.

Many people go to the pubs in the evenings. Besides, these places are controlled by licensing laws. Pubs now open for 12 hours continuously, but most of them close at 11:20 at night. When the pub is going to close, the publican rings a bell and shouts “Last order, please!”. Not all pubs accept people under 16. Teenagers can go into a pub alone when they are 16, but they can’t drink alcohol until they are 18. Many pubs serve food at lunchtime and at night.

Do you have a special pub to meet your friends? ;-)


  1. Thank U. Maybe another day, I'll post some cool pubs from NY ;-)


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