Saturday, May 29, 2010

MaKiNg Up SeNtEnCeS !!! (Vocabulary Game)

Hi, teachers!,

Do you want to encourage your students to speak English? Well, I've got a very entertaining game. When you come into the class, you'll give them a piece of paper. Then you ask them to write any
WORD, maybe a verb, noun, etc . After that, you collect all these pieces of paper and deliver them again. When the pupils are given these pieces of paper, they have to make up a whole sentence showing the meaning of this word given. They will speak up their sentences and thier classmates will correct him / her.

By means of this game, the students remember these words better, they will learn more vocabulary, it is actually a very surprising as well as entertaining game for your students; they feel more involved in the process of learning, and consequently, they will learn more.

I hope you'll like it! Have a nice Day!

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