Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cooking Spanish SALMOREJO !!!

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Are you interested in cooking? Do you like the typical Spanish "tapas" or snacks? Well, let's read one of my favourite recipes: "Salmorejo". This is a typical dish from Córdoba (southern Spain).

Have you ever tasted it in a restaurant? There are a lot of Spanish restaurants around the world which can serve you this traditional food such as JALEO restaurant in Washington. This famous restaurant belongs to José Andrés who is a very well-known chef in Spain as well as USA. He has produced and hosted TV programs, released several cookbooks, and so on. I'm fond of José Andrés' programs and books.He is a very good chef-teacher! Let's see the Salmorejo recipe!

• 1 kilo of ripe tomatoes
• 200 grams of bread
* 250 ml olive oil
• salt and vinegar
• A clove of garlic

Traditional Preparation:
Put bread (cut in thick slices) in a food blender and add liquid ingredients.
Add peeled tomatoes, garlic and little salt.
Beat well until well crushed.
You can also add the egg yolks from the hard boiled eggs at this stage if you want.
Blend this all together and then start to add the stale bread bit by bit. The mixture will very quickly become thicker and as you add the bread it will take longer for it to mix through. When no more bread will mix through it the Salmorejo is ready.
You may not need to add all the bread or you may need a bit more.

Salmorejo is similar to another delicious dish called GAZPACHO ANDALUZ. Now, don't waste more time and go to your kitchen...don't forget to call your friends! OLÉ!!!

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