Monday, May 3, 2010

MOBILE LANGUAGE among teenagers

Hi, Guys!,

Have you ever talked to a foreign boy / girl using your PC or laptop? What kind of language do you usually do? How often do you write the whole words, i.e. "please" instead of "pliz"?
As you well know, all of us use a simplified language when we usually communicate by emails, phone messages. This new trend is taking place in every country, especially among teenagers.
But why? Maybe because we want to save space and time, and even we want to sound cooler. Nevertheless, we have to bear in mind that this new language has some positive and negative aspects.
On the one hand, we can chat faster, we can tell more things in a few words, or just save some money.
On the other hand, there could be misunderstandings in these brief texts. Besides, teenagers can't write in a formal way because they are used to writing in a colloquial way. What else?
Now, I'm going to CHALLENGE you. I'm going to write some words and messages using this trendy mobile language, CAN YOU REWRITE THEM IN PROPER ENGLISH?
1. U = you
2. PPL = people
3. WKND = weekend
4. ITS 4U = It's for you
5. U R GR8! = you are great!
6. i snd u dis = I send you this
7. @] = rose
8. dat = that
9. 1ly = only
10. I hp Ull fnd dis blo intrztn, AV A NCE DY, XO =
I hope you'll find this blog interesting, HAVE A NICE DAY, X= kiss, O= hug
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