Monday, July 26, 2010

Conchita, 3 decades opposite the WHITEHOUSE

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Have you ever known about Conchita Martín in Washington DC? She is actually an anti-nuclear protester and she has been protesting opposite The White House since 1981. She can speak several languages, specially Spanish and English. She is from the North of Spain, Vigo (La Coruña), she got married with an American and they had a daughter. Some years later, she was abandoned by her husband and daughter. From that moment onwards, she started protesting opposite the White House. Conchita has a special tent, some food and that's all. She never celebrates Christmas, goes on holidays, ... she's actually a bit crazy, but really kind with tourists, specially with Spanish. If you go there, you can talk to her, she will show you some propaganda papers, she strongly defends her beliefs. Obviously, Conchita is respected and has met every president of the United States, as a matter of fact, she is the president's neighbour.
Now, I encourage you to watch these videos, you'll see and understand Conchita better.

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