Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A M E R I C A, the land of opportunities

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Do you believe the Myth of America as the land of opportunites? Why and how was this belief spread? Let's read some of my notes ...

The first American inhabitants came from Asia, some later centuries from Scandinavia. Nevertheless, the great discovery took place in 1492 when Columbus arrived what he believed were “The Indies”. Spanish carried out a non-permanent colonisation whereas English showed great interests in these new lands.

In 1607, the colony of Virginia, or Jamestown, was founded and there, a General Assembly, a sort of Parliament was established. This Assembly became the first democratic government in America. Other important colonies were Plymouth, founded in 1620 by the Pilgrim Fathers, and Massachusetts, also founded by Puritans in 1629.

In relation to America, there were many writings of propaganda. Here, mainly English people and from other places (Ireland, Italy) were encouraged to immigrate to America. The myth of America as the land of opportunities was spread. That is, if you are poor and work hard, you can surely progress, get a better position and get wealthy. Obviously, the American reality was not as exactly as the dream.

The process of American Revolution started in 1765 with the Stamp Tax. The Americans, fed up with English government’s impositions, claimed their Independence. They wondered how an Isle could govern a whole continent. Some literate men wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. They got this in 4th July in 1783 after the peace of Paris. The Americans needed to govern themselves, because of that they wrote the Articles of Confederation. Later on, in 1787, the American Constitution was written. This Constitution has been kept until these days, although some amendments have been added along its long history.

Nowadays, there are many people who still believe this myth, America as the land of chances, because you can go there, get a job, and change this first job for a better one, just working hard, ... but obviously, you always have to make a great effort! I think it is really positive to believe in YOU and your DREAMS!!!

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