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FRIENDS, TV serie Worksheet (3)

Hi, Guys!,

Thanks to my sweet pupils: Julia, Irene and Mª Carmen (U R GR8!!!, GIRLS), we can enjoy this funny episode taken from one of my favourite American sitcoms "FRIENDS". We hope you'll find this TV worksheet funny and useful, pleased to help U! ;-) **

TV series: FRIENDS Season: one Episode: one


Chandler Muriel Bing (Matthew Perry) : He was Ross' friend at university. He had a terrible childhood due to his parents divorce. As a matter of fact, his father declared he was homosexual, so Chandler uses sarcasm as mechanism of defense.

Rachel Karen Green (Jennifer Aniston) : Monica’s Best friend since they were children. She has two sisters who also are pampered. She decides to leave her easy life and look for a job in NY city. Firstly, she became a waitress in Central Perk.

Ross Eustace Geller (David Schwimmer) : Monica’s brother. He is a university teacher. He has been abandoned by his wife, she is lesbian now.

Monica E. geller (Courteney Cox) : She is Ross’ sister.
When she was a child, she was obsessed, then she became slim. She is a very good cooker . She is obsessed with cleanliness and she can't stand any mess.

Joseph Francis Tribbianni (Matt LeBlanc) : He is the less intelligent of the group and He works as an actor and he is a womanizer.

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrou) : She is the most distracted of the group. She and her twin sister were abandoned by their mother. Later, their mum committed suicide, so their childhood was dreadful .

3. Listen to this episode and answer these questions:
a) Answer these:
Where do they usually meet ?
Why is Rachel wearing a wedding dress when she comes into the bar ?
Why did Rachel decide not to marry ?
Why is Rachel worried about ?
What does Monica say to Rachel ?
What did Paul break to his ex-girlfriend?
Why did Rachel break her credit cards ?
What happened Phoebe's mum ?
What did Rachel and Ross eat while they were talking ?
Where did Rachel go when Ross and she stopped talking ?

b) Choose the correct anwer:
What are colours of the umbrellas that appear at the beginning of the episode ?
1.Green,yellow and pink
2.Yellow,blue and pink
3.All are the same colour

What colour is the Ross' cup ?

Who meets Rachel when she comes into the bar ?

Who called Chandler in his dream ?
1.His girlfriend
2.His mother
3.His father

How many credit cards are they going to cut ?
1. Four
2. Five
3. six

c) Say if these sentences are TRUE or FALSE:
1. Monica is wearing a wedding dress when she comes to Central Perk.
2. Rachel puts sugar in her coffee.
3. While everybody was watching TV, Rachel was talking on the phone.
4. Chandler is building something.
5. Joseph strips the coffee pot.

4. Vocabulary:
a) casarse –to get married
entrar – go into
telenovela – soap opera
suicidarse – suicide
independizarse – independent
consejo – advice
tarjeta de crédito – credit card
vestido de novia – wedding dress
taza – cup
empleo – employment
cita – date
ligar – tie
romper con alguien – break up
llevarse bien con alguien – get on well/with
cerveza – beer
vecino – neighbour
boda – wedding
entrevista – interview
botas de cuero – leather boots
mujeriego: womanizer

1. What was hunged on the wall when Ross arrived ?
2. Which colour is Ross’ umbrella ?
3. What is above the microwave ?
4. What were they watching on TV ?
5. What did Rachel find on the floor ?
6. Who was Rachel talking on phone to ?
7. What is the name of Ross ex-girlfriend ?

6. KEY ANSWERS: 3a  In Central Perk
 Because She is going to get married
 Because she has tried to do all the things that her father said
 Because she feels guilty for leaving the wedding
 To be independent
 Her clock
 Because she wants to earn her own money
 Her mother's suicide
 An oreo cookie
 She goes to bed

3b 1-2, 2-3, 3-1, 4-2, 5-2
3c 1-FALSE- Rachel is wearing wedding dress 2-FALSE-ross put sugar in Rachel’s coffee 3-true 4-false-chadler , ross and joseph are bulding Something. 5-true. 5. 1- two masc 2-black 3-a little yellow cat 4-a soup opera 5-the paul’s watch 6-to his parents 7-carol

PS: Thank you, girls, have a nice summer!!!

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