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Hi, Guys!,

Congratulations!!! All your projects are fantastic, great! As I told you, I'm going to post them. Thanks to YOU, guys, I've discovered some entertaining American sitcom, I hope you'll use these TV Worksheets next year as a positive way to improve your listening and comprehension. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Belén Diez and Fran Villar. Now, let's watch your video and the exercises you've made up!

How I met your mother
Season 1, episode 1 “Pilot”
(Fragment: minutes 00:00 to 10:31)


Ted Mosby:
He is Marshall’s best friend, when Marshall gets engaged, he decides to look for his soulmate. He lives with Lily and Marshall and he is studying architecture.

Lily Aldrin:
She works as a kindergarten teacher but her dream consists of becoming an important artist, she loves painting. She is Marshall’s girlfriend and she starts a very close friendship whit Robin at the beginning of the plot.

Barney Stinson:
He is a womanizer . He loves wearing suits, playing the laser tag and meeting different girls everynight. In the fourth season, he has a romantic relationship with Robin, but they break up later.

Robin Scherbatsky:
She is a TV news reporter; she is Canadian and met Ted in Mclarens, the gang’s favourite bar. In the second and third season, he has a relationship with Ted, who thinks that she is in love with his life, but in the first episode, he calls her “Aunt Robin”.

zSHARE video - S01E01.avi.flv

1. What year are they living in?
2. What is Ted studying?
3. What academic year is Marshall studying?
4. Where is the pop cake?
5. What is Barney’s favourite game?
6. Where does Ted want to get married?
7. How many dogs has Robin got?
8. What is Robin’s favourite drink?
9. What is the Olive theory?
10. What happens on the Manhattan Bridge?

1. Marshall loves opening champagne bottles.
2. Ted and Robin finally meet on Saturday.
3. Barney loves wearing a suit.
4. Finally, Robin doesn’t throw Ted her drink.
5. Ted never kisses Robin.

(MINUTE 02:09)
Barney: Have you ………….. what I said to you the night we met? Ted, I'm gonna ……… you how to live. Barney. We met at the ……….

Ted: Oh, right. Right.

B: ……… one: lose the goatee. It doesn't go with your suit.

T: I'm not wearing a ……..

B: Lesson two: get a suit. Suits are cool. Exhibit "A." Lesson three: don't even think about getting ……… till you're 30.

T: Right. You're right. I guess it's just, your best friend gets ………, you start thinking about that stuff.

B: I thought I was your …….. friend. Ted, say I'm your best friend.

T: You're my best friend, Barney.

B: Good. Then, as your best friend, I suggest we play a little …….. I like to call…"Have you …… Ted?"

T: Wait. No, no, no.

Suit – Traje
Olives – Aceitunas
Goatee – Perilla
Eyebrows – Cejas
Pop tart – Magdalena

What is the colour of the pencil stuck in the fridge?
What says the sticker on the door of the van that picks up Robin?

1. They live in 2005.
2. Ted is studying architecture.
3. Marshall is studying second year of law school.
4. It is under the fridge.
5. Barney’s favourite game is called “Have you met Ted?”
6. In Central Park.
7. She has 5 dogs.
8. Her favourite drink is Scotch.
9. The olive theory is based on Marshall and Lily, he hates olives, she loves them. In a weird way, that's what makes them such a great couple. Perfect balance.
10. There is a crazy jumper on the Manhattan Bridge and Robin has to cover it.

1. FALSE - Marshall hates open champagne bottles.
2. FALSE - Robin is in Orlando on Saturday.
3. TRUE - Barney loves wearing a suit.
4. FALSE - Finally, Robin threw Ted her drink.
5. TRUE - Ted never kisses Robin.


1. Forgotten
2. Teach
3. Urinal
4. Lesson
5. Suit
6. Married
7. Engaged
8. Best
9. Game
10. Met

1. The pencil is red
2. The sticker says: Metro news 1

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