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GoSSiP GiRLs, TV WorKSheeT

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Thanks to my dearest pupil, Manuel Navarro, we can enjoy this TV worksheet based on the America

1. Link.

2. Information about the characters.
Serena van der Woodsen: she is Lily's daughter and Eric is her brother. She fall out Blair because Serena deceived her with the Blair`s boyfriend. Due to that, Serena left her city.

Blair Waldorf: Serena's friend until she was deceived by her boyfriend and Serena. In this episode she tries to take revenge on her.

Dan Humphrey: he is Rufus` son and he was Serena`s boyfriend. His family isn`t rich and his parents are separated. His siter is Jenny.

Nate Archibald: his family is quite rich and they have influence on him. He is Chuck`s best friend.

Chuck Bass: his family is quite rich and he is rude and selfish. He is Nate`s friend.

Lily van der Woodsen: she is the mother of Eric and Serena.

Eric van der Woodsen: he is Lily`s son and Serena is his sister. He tried to commit suicide and now he is in a rehab`s center.

Rufus Humphrey: he is Dan and Jenny`s father. He is separated and he tries help to Dan. He is a musician.

3. Listening and Comprehension:
a) Questions:
1. What is the disadvantage of the millionaire`s children?
2. Why is Serena late to the assembly?
3. Where is Serena going after class?
4. Why is Eric in the Ostroff center?
5. Why is the Ostroff`s doctor going to the party?
6. Who does Nate run to?
7. Why does Blair know where Serena is?
8. Why didn`t Blair send her letter to Serena?
9. What does Nate happen during the episode?
10. Who call to Nate? Why?

d) Dialogue(30 to 35 minutes).
Lily: Please tell me this isn't happening.
Eric: It's not.
Serena: No.No, you're not going up there. You're gonna stay right ______(1), okay?
Lily: What ever you're doing, think about who's standing in this room right now.
Blair: Don't try to deny it.Chuck saw you.
Serena: Hi! I'm Serena van der Woodsen. I just wanna thank my friend, Blair Waldorf, for recognizing the Ostroff center and all of the good things that they do. Thanks, Blair. At the center, one of the ______(2) things that we learn is forgiveness.
Dan: She's in rehab?
Jenny: No, it's not her. It's her _______(3) who's there.
Dan: What? Jenny: You can't tell anyone, okay?
Dan: I won't, but why is she doing this?
Serena: I've learned _____(4) how, in order to move forward with our future, we must forgive those who have wronged us in the past, and we must, ourselves, ask for forgiveness from those whom we've wronged. Without this forgiveness, innocent people get hurt. Blair: All right, thank you, Serena. Thank you.Thank you.
Gossip girl: Honesty may be the best policy in some zip codes, but not in this one, and not this week, because "I was a teenage ______(5) addict" is not exactly a winning college essay.

4 Blair: And now can I please have dr.Ostroff join me on stage?
Lily: Why is Blair outing you for a drug problem that you don't have? You don't, do you?
Serena: Mom! Lily: Well, it's not like we have some ______(6), open relationship. Serena: And that's my _______(7)?
Lily: Look, what's happened to Eric has put a huge strain on our family, but we are still a family. Serena: Why do you think I did what I just did? Will you excuse me? I'm gonna go end this with Blair now. Blair,what the hell was that?
Blair: Will you excuse us, please?
Boy: Sure.
Serena: So we good now? Are we square?
Blair: No, because nothing I do will ever be as bad as what you did to me.
Serena: Look, I'm asking you,please. I'll _______(8) if you will stop it.
Blair: You're just saying that because today you lost, and you're gonna keep losing. Now if you'll excuse me,unlike you, I have a future to get back to.
Dan: Serena. Serena! Serena: What? What, do you want to congratulate me on _________(9) my future?
Dan: No, no. To ask if you're okay, because what you did in there for your brother, that was... that was very cool.
Serena: Wait, how did you know about my brother?
Dan: It's okay. Really, no one will ever hear it from me, but if you ever ______(10) anybody to talk to, or not talk to, I'd be happy to do either.
Serena: I'll keep that in _____(11).
Dan: And, um, I know I said some things about you and your world, and I' sorry. Obviously, I don't know anything about __________(12). Serena: Thank you, but I've really got to get out of here.
Dan: Yeah, sure, sure.

5 Serena: But... maybe, you know,I can take you up on that getting _______(13) and not talking thing sometime? Will you call me?
Dan: Yeah.
Lily: Okay, let's go.Let's get out of here.
Eric: No, there's someone I need to talk to ____(14). Please, mom,I can do this. Okay. Blair, can I talk to you? It'll just take a moment.
Blair: Sure.Sure.
Eric: Serena's not a patient at the Ostroff center.
Blair: Eric, you've always been a sweet kid, and I can understand you are trying to protect your sister.
Eric: I am. Blair: I've never even seen you take a drink.
Eric: I'm not an alcoholic. I did this. And today, serena ________(15) me. Blair: Eric, I...I didn't...
Eric: See that coming?Yeah. Oh, it must be a shock for someone who thinks she knows everything.

4. Vocabulary:
a) What do these words mean?
1. chain saw: motosierra
2. honestly: sinceramente
3. assembly: asamblea 4. crew: tripular
5. ammunition: munición
6. surrender: rendirse

b) Some remarkables idioms.
1. a little wake an ke?: ¿una caladita?
2. go, green!: ¡piensa en verde!
3. damn it: ¡maldita sea!
4. Oh, don't your la perlasin a bunch: no busques perlas entre piedras.
5. yeah, a touch: si, una pizca

5. Detective`s questions.
1. What did she take of the table at beginning of the episode?
2. What time is it when they are wearing at beginning of the episode?
3. Who is wearing long socks in the choir?
4. What game is Eric playing when Jenny came in the room?

6. Key answers:
3. Listening and Comprehension:
a) Answers.
1. Their parents want to they is going to go to the best universities, and they expect great things of their son.
2. Because she slept at the hospital with her brother.
3. She is going to the rehab`s center.
4. Because he tried to commit suicide.
5. Because Chuck call him and so Blair can ridicule to Serena before all.
6. He runs with the head teacher and with her father.
7. Because Serena always goes there when she is worried.
8. Because Serena knew that Blair was in a bad way and she didn`t call to Blair, and Blair decided not to send her.
9. Nate don`t want to go to the university which his father say, but he don`t know how say him because he won`t be able to be faced with his father.
10. His father, because he want to go to run together.

d) Solutions. 1. here. 2. main. 3. brother. 4. about. 5. drug. 6. free. 7. fault. 8. stop. 9. destroying. 10. need. 11. mind. 12. life. 13. together. 14. first. 15. protected.
5. Detective`s answers. 1. A ring. 2. It`s a quarter to eight. 3. Jenny. 4. To solitaire.

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