Sunday, May 30, 2010

"HaTe ThAt I lOvE YoU" ... learning English

Hi, Guys!,

Most English teachers usually listen to some famous songs in class, we all
think listening to music is an amazing way to LEARN ENGLISH. So, don't waste time, and let's listen to Rihanna singing "Hate that I Love You".

But before, pay attention to the following words taken from its lyrics:
1. I can't stand ya = I can't stand YOU
2. You know exactly what to do
3. You won't let me do
4. You upset me boi = you upset me boy
5. Then you kiss my lips
6. all of a sudden I forgot
7. Remember whar ya did =
what you did
8. I wanna = I want
9. the only one who makes me laugh
10. How you take advantage of the fact

11. I love you beyond the reason why

12. and I have how much I love you / how much I need you
13. I can't let you go

14. One of these days may your won't affect me

15. You'll probably has a spell on me!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MaKiNg Up SeNtEnCeS !!! (Vocabulary Game)

Hi, teachers!,

Do you want to encourage your students to speak English? Well, I've got a very entertaining game. When you come into the class, you'll give them a piece of paper. Then you ask them to write any
WORD, maybe a verb, noun, etc . After that, you collect all these pieces of paper and deliver them again. When the pupils are given these pieces of paper, they have to make up a whole sentence showing the meaning of this word given. They will speak up their sentences and thier classmates will correct him / her.

By means of this game, the students remember these words better, they will learn more vocabulary, it is actually a very surprising as well as entertaining game for your students; they feel more involved in the process of learning, and consequently, they will learn more.

I hope you'll like it! Have a nice Day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Modern Family TV serie

Hi, Guys!,

Last week, one of my blogger-friends talked about MODERN FAMILY, a new American sitcom, in her blog:
Since I love American hilarious TV series, I decide to post one of its episodes. She was certain!, this sitcom is fascinating, entertaining and really funny! I hope you'll like it!
The sitcom revolves around several outstanding families, as you can see in the following video, who meet in their neighbourhood. Have a look at the Families' Trees!

Javier Delgado
Gloria Delgado Pritchett

Jay Pritchett
DeDe Pritchett

Unnamed Mother
Frank Dunphy

Manny Delgado

Cameron Tucker
Mitchell Pritchett
Claire Pritchett Dunphy

Phil Dunphy

Lily Pritchett-Tucker

Haley Dunphy
Alexis Dunphy
Luke Dunphy

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

Are you ready? Here you are some exercises to review Modal Verbs. You can find the key answers below, ok?

A. Certainty, impossibility and possibility
Re-phrase these sentences using must, can’t or may / might / could.

Example: It’s impossible that he’s English. He can’t be English.
I’m certain that she is a doctor. She must be a doctor.

1. Perhaps she’s tired. _ She may/ could be tired.
2. It’s impossible that you’re right. _ You can't be right.
3. I’m certain that he knows the answer. _ He must know the answer.
4. Perhaps they are at home now _ They may / could be at home.
5. I’m certain that she lives there. _ She must live there.
6. It’s impossible that it’s a real diamond ring. _ This can't be a real diamond.
7. Perhaps I’ve got influenza. _ She may have influenza.

B. Certainly impossibility and possibility. (MODALS PAST FORMS)
Rephrase these sentences using must, can’, couldn’t or may / might / could.

Examples: Perhaps they went home early. They might have gone home early.
It’s impossible that you were at the cinema .You can’t have been at the cinema.

1. I’m certain that she forgot about the meeting.
She must have forgotten about the meeeting.
2. It’s impossible that he knew my phone number.
He can't have known my phone number.
3. Perhaps they have received your letter by now.
They may have received your letter by now.
4. I’m certain that he took a later bus.
He must have taken a later bus.
5. Perhaps she was tired.
She may be tired.
6. It’s impossible that the money was stolen this morning.
The money can't be stolen this morning.
7. I’m certain that Sue was invited to the party.
Sue must have been invited to the party.

C. Choose the correct alternatives.
1. People can / have to be fit if they want to climb high mountains. (HAVE TO)
2. In my opinion, you have to / should do a less violent sport, like table tennis.(SHOULD)
3. We needn’t / mustn’t take any food with us because we’ll be back by lunchtime.(NEEDN'T)
4. I can / ought to train more often, but I don’t have time.(OUGHT TO)
5. The club rules say that you ought to / have to be 18 to join.(HAVE TO)
6. You needn’t / mustn’t close your eyes when you dive into the swimming pool because you might hit somebody.(MUSTN'T)
7. My grandmother can / ought to still swim 1000 metres. She’s amazing! (CAN)

D. Complete the sentences with the modal verbs. Use CAN, HAVE TO, MUSTN’T, NEEDN’T, SHOULD OR SHOULDN’T.
1. The views from the mountain top will be wonderful, so I think you _______________ take your camera. (SHOULD)
2. You ______________ go into the water because the current is too strong. It’s very dangerous.(MUSTN'T)
3. You _________________ obtain a special permit to climb in China or you won’t be allowed to climb. (HAVE TO)
4. In my opinion, you ____________________ swim so soon after eating your lunch. (SHOULDN'T)
5. I ___________________ fly planes now because I’ve finished my flying lessons.(CAN)
6. You ___________________ take a coat with you because it will be hot today.(NEEDN'T)


Hi, Guys!,

Please, don't forget to study this before doing your homework. Remember: when you express
1.Obligation in the past, you use HAD TO.
2.Necessity or lack of Necessity in the past: You needed, you didn't need to, you didn't have to.
3. Ability in the past: COULD or WERE/WAS ABLE TO.

(Modal verb + have* + past participle)
*Have does not change

We use may have / might have / could have + past participle to talk about possibility in the past.
1. “Where was Sally last night?”
2. “I think she may have been at the cinema.” (= I think perhaps she was at the cinema)
3. “Peter is late.” “He might have missed the train.” (= Perhaps he missed/has missed the train)
4. “I can’t find my wallet anywhere.” “You could have left it at home.”
(= Perhaps you left/have left it at home)
5. “She walked straight past me without saying hello.”
6. “She might not have seen you.” (= Perhaps she didn’t see you)

We use should have / ought to have + past participle to say someone did the wrong thing in the past.
1. I should have done my homework at the weekend.
2. I’m really tired this morning. I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night.
3. We had a really good time in London yesterday.
4. You ought to have come with us.

We use must have/ can’t have + past participle for deductions about the past.
Those shoes you bought are very nice. They must have been expensive. (= I’m sure that they were expensive).

1. You can’t have been at the swimming pool yesterday! It was closed all day!
(= It was impossible that you were at the swimming pool yesterday!

We can use couldn’t have …instead of can’t have ….here.
2. You couldn’t have been at the swimming pool yesterday!


Hi, Guys!,

Modals... are they easy or difficult? Well, before doing any exercises, you need to read the following chart carefully. Then, you can practise Modals with the following activities.


ABILITY: can, could, be able to.
Pres. Past Fut. & Pres. / Logro
1. Can you swim?
2. I can’t open this bottle.
3. She could swim when she was five.
4. I’d like to be able to play the piano.
5. I won’t be able to remember your phone number.

PERMISSION: can, could, may, be allowed to.
Asking for permission:
1. Can I borrow your pen, please?
2. Could I use your phone, please?
3. May I make a suggestion?
Talking about permission:
1. You can / are allowed to drive a car in Britain when you are 17.
2. When we were children, we could/were allowed to stay up late on Saturday nights.

OBLIGATION: and NECESSITY: must, have to, have got to.
There is sometimes a difference between must and have to:
Must: when you say what you think is necessary, when you are giving your opinion.
Have to: when you are not giving your personal opinion, but just facts.

1. The government really must do something about unemployment.
2. I must write to ann. I haven’t written to her for ages.
3. Ann’s eyes are not very good. She has to wear glasses for reading.
At our school, we have to wear a uniform.

We only use must to talk about the present and the future. When we talk about past obligation or necessity, we use had to. I had to work late yesterday.

Mustn’t / don’t have to.
Mustn’t: prohibition
. You mustn’t drive without a licence.

Don’t have to: when it is not necessary to do something. You don’t have to wash that shirt. It isn’t dirty.
Don’t have to = don’t need to, needn’t. I needn’t / don’t need to get up early. It’s Sunday.
POSSIBILITY: may, might, could.
To talk about present or future possibility.
1. “There’s someone at the door” “It may be Sarah.” (= Perhaps it is Sarah)
2. President Jones might win the election. (= Perhaps he will win the election)
3. “Where’s Simon?” “He could be in the living-room.” (= Perhaps he is there)

Negatives: may not, might not /mightn’t, but not could not with this meaning.
4. Simon may not be in the living-room.

Note the form: may / might / could + be + ….-ing.
5. They may be having dinner at the moment. (= Perhaps they are having dinner)

1. He must know London very well. He has lived there for a long time.
(= I am sure that he knows London very well)
2. There is a light on in the house, so someone must be at home. (= I am sure that someone is at home)
3. She can’t be in Italy! I saw her today! (= It is impossible that she is in Italy)
4. You’ve just had lunch. You can’t be hungry. (= It is impossible that you are hungry)

ADVICE: should, ought to.
(+common than ought to)
1. I think you should talk to your teacher about it.
2. You ought to stop smoking.
3. You shouldn’t tell lies.

We also use these verbs to say what we think is right or good.
1. I think the police should arrest hooligans.
2. What do you think I ought to do?

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

As far as I'm concerned, most of you are good at drawing. So, I'm going to ask you to watch this video, it's fantastic! Even more, we can combine two sujects: Art and English.
Now, are you ready to draw Homer Simpson? Let's watch this before...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FRIENDS TV serie Worksheet (post 1)

Hi, Guys!,


I hope you'll enjoy this funny project, I know you are very busy, but... it's not a difficult task. Here you are an useful example. Take a look! and you can ask me anything in these days. Don't forget the delivery date (15th June), ok?

1. FRIENDS "The One with the Jellifish" Season 4 Episode 1

2. Characters: They are a group of friends in Manhattan, New York. The main cast members are in this scene are: Monica, Joey and Chandler. All of them are on holidays in a summer house. Monica, Joey and Chandler were going for a walk when ...

3. Questions:
a) What happened to Monica?
b) What did Joey think Monica has to do?
c) How far was their house?
d) Who peed on Monica?
e) What did Chandler hear everynight?

4. Vocabulary:
a) What does it mean? YOU SWORE ME, I GOT STUNG BY, PEE.
b) Idioms:
*It's eating me alive!
* I couldn't stand.
* I was going to pass out from the pain.
* I got the stage fright.
Now can you translate them into your language?

5. Difficult question, as if you were a detective:
a) Can you describe Phoebe's necklace?
b) Is the lamp on?

6. Key Answers:
3a) Monica got stung by a jellyfish.
3b) Joey suggested peeing on Monica's foot, he saw it in Discovery Channel.
3c) 2 miles.
3d) Chandler, Joey couldn't do so.
3e) "Do it now!"

5a) Pheobe's necklace is similar to a silver flower.
5b) Yes, it is.

Well, guys, I hope you find this example worthwhile. As you can see it's very simple. Nevertheless, I want you to work with a whole episode taken from any entertaining American sitcom. So, your project must be longer than this one, right? Try to be creative as much as you can!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

FRIENDS "I'll be there for You"

Hi, Guys!,

Nearly always, I'm talking to you about the American sitcom FRIENDS, but I insist: it's fantastic! I love singing "I'll be there for you", so I've just thought to show you its lyrics! Besides, this song was released by the American rock band The Rembrands in their first album LP. At last, but no least, I like the message of this song, I think it's so nice!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

AIRPORT (BBC documentary, conversation, specific vocabulary)

Hi, Guys!,

Very soon, you may be on holidays! Do you remember the Airport vocabulary? OK, let's see it again, it's always useful! Thanks to, you've got a long list of words related to AIRPORT as well as some sentences. Take a look!

Then, you can watch two exciting episodes taken from the BBC. This TV serie is called "Airport". It is actually a British documentary based at London Heathrow Airport, one of the world's busiest international airports.

1. Can you PLEASE tell me the frequency of the flights from... to...?
2. Is IT possible to return the next day?
3. Can I search FOR the prices of the flights on-line?
4. Or... Can I FIND the prices of the flights on-line?

air traffic control, aircraft, airline counter, airport, aisle seat, arrivals, arrivals are delayed, arrivals are on schedule, baggage claim, baggage limitation, boarding pass, cabin, carry-on luggage, cockpit, connecting flight, control tower, crew, customs, departures, direct flight/ non-stop flight, domestic flight, duty free, emergency exit, emergency landing, excess baggage, flight attendant, flight number, gate, international flight, jet bridge, jet lag, landing, life vest, loudspeakers, luggage compartment, one-way trip, overbooking, plane, registered luggage, restroom/ lavatory, round trip, runway,
seat belt, stewardess, to board, to fasten the seatbelt, etc.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Comenius Project (2) DON QUIXOTE

Hi, there!,

At the end of April, I talked to you about the Comenius Project. It's an innnovative European program among European schools.Besides, one of its main goals is to learn from other cultures as well as to show our own history, customs, folk, values, and so on.

As a matter of fact, all teachers in my school take part of this international project. And if you remember what I said, when your school takes up this project, all of you, teachers and students, have to carry out several tasks such as this amusing video. Here you are a very good example of the Comenius Project. As you can see in the following video, our primary students painted all these pictures whereas the secondary pupils help with the summary of the novel Don Quixote and its translation into English. I hope you'll like it.

PS. Regards to all my mates, we are always working hard in this project ;-)


Hi, there!,

Have you ever listened to Umbrella sung by The Baseballs? Who are the Baseballs? Umbrella is one of the coolest hits in Spain. This new band could remind us of Elvis Presley.

The Baseballs are a rock'n'roll group founded in Berlin in 2007. They have become really popular due to their rock'n'roll versions of modern hits such as "Umbrella" by Rihana and "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry. Enjoy this awesome song!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

Are you hanging out with your friends tonight?
Are you going to a PUB?
Do you know where the word “PUB” comes from? Well, it comes from the colloquial abbreviation of the words PUBLIC HOUSES.

It is a typical British place, although in these public houses alcoholic drinks are drunk and sold, a pub is actually more than that. Since it is a place where friends, neighbours and workmates meet at the end of the day. When I lived in Ireland (Dublin and Galway), I perfectly remember those guys shouting because of the soccer. And whenever I heard them screaming, I said "oh! it's like Spain!".

The most demanded drink is the BEER. There are many different kinds of beer. Even more, it is very typical to ask a pint of beer (5’68 cl.) in Ireland.

Have you ever paid attention to the pubs that appear on the movies or films. They look older. They are decorated with many ancient objects, tools, news about important events taken from newspapers on the walls, shelves full of books that you can read while you are drinking a beer. Why? because they want to keep a few old traditions, such as this kind of decoration, which also gives them a sense of Britishness, and at the same time, this way of decorating helps them to mantain their individuality.

Many people go to the pubs in the evenings. Besides, these places are controlled by licensing laws. Pubs now open for 12 hours continuously, but most of them close at 11:20 at night. When the pub is going to close, the publican rings a bell and shouts “Last order, please!”. Not all pubs accept people under 16. Teenagers can go into a pub alone when they are 16, but they can’t drink alcohol until they are 18. Many pubs serve food at lunchtime and at night.

Do you have a special pub to meet your friends? ;-)

"Alice Underground" sung by Avril Lavigne

Hi, there!,

I hope you'll like this beautiful song, this is the main single of the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. You can read and sing its lyrics ... have a nice weekend!

Besides, I'd like to tell you there is a fantastic sculpture of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park, New York city. All children are invited to cimb and explore it. Alice is sitting on a big mushroom and sorrounded by the Mad Hatter , the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, Alice’s Cat Dinah and, of course, the bashful Dormouse.

Lewis Carrol, who was the writer of Alice in Wonderland, dedicated this sculpture to his beloved wife. You can read it in this picture: "Alice in Wonderland, in memory of my wife Margarita Delacorte who loved all children".

Friday, May 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland, film directed by Tim Burton

Hi, Guys!,

Have you watched Alice in Wonderland movie yet? Well, you'd better go!!! It's fantastic, wonderful! Once again, Tim Burton can surprise you. I love his films especially Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

For those of you who haven't read Alice in Wonderland, let me tell you a brief summary. Alice is 19 when she runs away at her own engagement party. She is not very sure of her future marriage. Suddenly, she falls down and arrives in a strange place called "Underland". There is an unusual rabbit, animals can speak there. Later, Alice discovers that she has to conquer the terrifying Jabberwocky and restore the right queen to the throne.

Now, why don't we watch the movie?


AdJeCtIvEs EnDiNg in -ING and -ED

Hi, Guys!,

Within two weeks, you are going to take your final exams. So, let's review Adjectives ending in -ING and -ED. There is a semantic different between these adjectives.

1. ADJ. -ING = describe what something or someone is like.
Ex. Natalie is so boring that she never goes out or watches TV.
(permanent, lasting situation)

2. ADJ. -ED = describe how someone feels.
Ex. I'm getting bored due to the football match (not a permanent situation).

Ex. Mike was interested because the subject's interesting.

If you need to practise, you can watch this useful video, and then, you can do these exercises, just click here:

Learning ENGLISH with OZMO

Hi, Guys!,
Having FUN may the best way to learn a second language! And it's also better if you are a child. Therefore, I'd like to introduce you OZMO. He looks like MUZZY or MINGOVILLE, that I talked to you in other posts.
Well, thanks to OZMO, not only you can learn basic structures and vocabulary, but also, good healthy habits such as brushing your teeth ;)
Pay attention to the pronunciation and repeat the words aloud! 

No matter how old you are, it's time to speak up!!!

AdJeCtIvEs and PrEpOsItIoNs

Hi, Guys!,

I'm going to post a list of ADJECTIVES followed by a particular PREPOSITIONS. When I started learning English, I generelly sang or wrote them a lot of times, I had to memorise them.... But now, it's FAR BETTER!!!!!!!! We can use internet and do funny exercises such as these ones, hahah ;-)

Well, let's see the list first. Then you can do the following activities taken from:

Check your answers looking at the Adj+Prep.

angry, annoyed, furious, happy + ABOUT + something

They are angry about the punishment.
angry, furious + WITH / AT + someone FOR something
I'm angry at you for having lied to me!
worried, excited, sorry + ABOUT + something
They are very excited about the play.

good / bad + AT + noun/gerund
I'm good at cooking, but I'm bad at English.

amazed, amused, astonished, shocked + AT /BY + something
He was shocked by /at the news.
famous, responsible, sorry+ FOR + something
Madonna is famous her music.

different + FROM
I'm quite different from my borther.

fond, proud, tired, afraid, ashamed, aware, jealous + OF + something, someone
I'm proud of you!

How can you be afraid of ghosts?

(un)capable, (un)aware, full + OF + something
You are capable of doing this exercise

keen + ON
I'm really keen on flying

interested + IN + someone, something
Cris is interested in contemporary art.

married, nice, rude, (un)friendly + TO + someone

You should be nice to verybody.

accotumed /used TO + gerund
I'm used to getting up early.
crowded + WITH
We couldn't come in, it was so crowded of people.


Look at these adjectives and write the correct preposition.
1. They are excited _____their trip to Paris next June.
2. I feel sorry ______ Gosia. She is so lonely these days.
3. Are you good ______ golf?
4. That flat is different ________ the one I was looking for.
5. Constable is famous ________ his landscapes.
6. I must admit I was shocked ________ her behaviour at the party.
7. She's rather worried ________ her son's studies.
8. I'm just hopeless________ learning Polish.
9. She's furious ______ her son's grades in school.
10. They were surprised ________ their good fortune.
11. I'm upset ________ my health.
12. She was annoyed with Angela _______ ignoring their agreement

Look at these adjectives and write the correct prepostion OF/ON/TO/WITH:

1. It was very kind _______ you to buy me such a wonderful present. Thank you!
2. The shop was crowded ______ people.
3. I have been married _______ Kasia for over ten years.
4. She was very good _______ Arek while he was visiting.
5. It was very good ______ you to come.
6. They are very keen ________ stamp collecting.
7. Their house is quite similar ________ ours.
8. I'm afraid I'm rather disappointed ________ my new computer.
9. His teachers were cruel _____ him when he was young.
10. She is proud _______ her high marks on the exam.
11. Unfortunately, he is quite jealous _______ his neighbour's new car.
12. It was rather clever _______ Gregory to combine his business trip with a visit to his favourite museum.
13. He's become bored ______ his latest hobby.
14. I'm afraid he is incapable ________ understanding the most basic concepts.
15. Magda! Don't be rude ________ your mother-in-law.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amy Winehouse - REHAB live on David Letterman

Hi, Guys!,

As you all know Amy Winehouse became a famous singer very quickly, thanks to this amazing song "Rehab" from her album Back to Black. She is regarded as one of the artist who can mix several musical genres such as soul, jazz and R&B. As a female artist, she has won five Grammys. She is British and also known because of her soulful powerful contralto vocals.
She is great, and undoubtedly, she has a remarkable style.

Now, enjoy
Rehab... "They tried to ...I said no, no, ..."
If you are interested in this famous singer, you can visit her web:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cooking Spanish SALMOREJO !!!

Hi, there!,

Are you interested in cooking? Do you like the typical Spanish "tapas" or snacks? Well, let's read one of my favourite recipes: "Salmorejo". This is a typical dish from Córdoba (southern Spain).

Have you ever tasted it in a restaurant? There are a lot of Spanish restaurants around the world which can serve you this traditional food such as JALEO restaurant in Washington. This famous restaurant belongs to José Andrés who is a very well-known chef in Spain as well as USA. He has produced and hosted TV programs, released several cookbooks, and so on. I'm fond of José Andrés' programs and books.He is a very good chef-teacher! Let's see the Salmorejo recipe!

• 1 kilo of ripe tomatoes
• 200 grams of bread
* 250 ml olive oil
• salt and vinegar
• A clove of garlic

Traditional Preparation:
Put bread (cut in thick slices) in a food blender and add liquid ingredients.
Add peeled tomatoes, garlic and little salt.
Beat well until well crushed.
You can also add the egg yolks from the hard boiled eggs at this stage if you want.
Blend this all together and then start to add the stale bread bit by bit. The mixture will very quickly become thicker and as you add the bread it will take longer for it to mix through. When no more bread will mix through it the Salmorejo is ready.
You may not need to add all the bread or you may need a bit more.

Salmorejo is similar to another delicious dish called GAZPACHO ANDALUZ. Now, don't waste more time and go to your kitchen...don't forget to call your friends! OLÉ!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Someday, we'll reflect on this important historical man. When I studied the American history, Abraham Lincoln became very significant for me, since he abolished Slavery in 1860s. Maybe due to this, I felt like Lisa Simpson when I saw Lincoln's statue in Washington DC. It was a very exciting moment!

Abraham Licoln writes a letter to his son's teacher. It's a worthwhile video, there are many significant true sentences which we should always bear in mind. So, please, spend 5 min. looking at this letter.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

60 years ago, on 9th May 1950, Robert Schumman presented his proposal on the creation of an organised Europe, it was really necessary to keep peaceful relations among the countries. This proposal is known as "Schumman Declaration", and it is regarded as the beginning of the European Union.

Nowadays, the European Day is somehow celebrated at European schools. Children can recognise the Eurpean flag, the anthem, whose melody comes from the Ninth Symphony composed by Beethoven in 1823; the motto "UNITY IN DIVERSITY"; and the single currency "the euro".

Therefore, thanks to the symbols of the European Union, all the European citizens are united to work for peace and prosperity, and our different traditions, languages and cultures are also part of Europe, even more, they make Europe more significant, and we can teach our students to respect other cultures paying attention to this enriching diversity.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Simpsons are singing TICK TOCK!!! It's amazing!

Hi, there!,

I hope you'll like this video, American teenagers love it! You know what? The Simpsons are singing Kesha's TICK TOCK ... "DON'T STOP..." It's something unbelievable! This international TV serie has a new special opening segment! Let's sing and watch this video.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

MOBILE LANGUAGE among teenagers

Hi, Guys!,

Have you ever talked to a foreign boy / girl using your PC or laptop? What kind of language do you usually do? How often do you write the whole words, i.e. "please" instead of "pliz"?
As you well know, all of us use a simplified language when we usually communicate by emails, phone messages. This new trend is taking place in every country, especially among teenagers.
But why? Maybe because we want to save space and time, and even we want to sound cooler. Nevertheless, we have to bear in mind that this new language has some positive and negative aspects.
On the one hand, we can chat faster, we can tell more things in a few words, or just save some money.
On the other hand, there could be misunderstandings in these brief texts. Besides, teenagers can't write in a formal way because they are used to writing in a colloquial way. What else?
Now, I'm going to CHALLENGE you. I'm going to write some words and messages using this trendy mobile language, CAN YOU REWRITE THEM IN PROPER ENGLISH?
1. U = you
2. PPL = people
3. WKND = weekend
4. ITS 4U = It's for you
5. U R GR8! = you are great!
6. i snd u dis = I send you this
7. @] = rose
8. dat = that
9. 1ly = only
10. I hp Ull fnd dis blo intrztn, AV A NCE DY, XO =
I hope you'll find this blog interesting, HAVE A NICE DAY, X= kiss, O= hug
Take a look to this web:
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