Friday, February 26, 2010

I WISH ..., IF ONLY... (I)

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Today, we are going to deal with how to express WISHES in English!!!

1. To express WISHES in FUTURE.
We use WOULD when we want something or someone to change or when we want sb to do sth :
Subj. + WISH + Subj. + WOULD + Infinitive
Ex. I wish it would stop raining.

2. To express WISHES in PRESENT.
We use the Past S. or Past Cont., when we talk about a regret we have about a Present situation.
If ONLY+ Subj.+ Past Simple or
Subj. WISH + Subj. + Past Simple Ex. I wish you were here with me now.

3. To express WISHES in PAST:
We use the Past Perf. when we talk about a reget we have about soth that happened or didn't happen in the past.
If ONLY + Subj.+Past Perfect or
Subj.+ WISH + Subj. + Past Perfect Ex. I wish he had inivted Jason to the party.

A. Write sentences.
1. I wish / my friends / tell / me / where to meet next Saturday
- I wish my friends would tell me where...
2. If only / Oliver / be / with me now
- If only Oliver was here with me now.

3. I wish / I / tell / Natalie / the truth yesterday
- I wish I had told Natalie the truth yesterday.
4. If only / I / not get / angry with Mum yesterday evening
- If only I hadn't got angry with Mum yesterday evening.
5. I wish / Tara / phone / me next Monday
- I wish Tara would phone me next Monday.
6. If only / you / not go / to the party last night
- If only you hadn't gone to the party last night.

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.
1. I wish I _______________ (know) Katy’s phone number. I want to phone her now. (knew)
2. If only we _______________ (meet) a few months ago.(had met)
3. I wish I _________________ (go) out last Friday night. (had gone)
4. If only she _________________ (not live) so far away. (didn't live)
5. I wish I _________________ (be) on holiday with my friends. They must be having a great time. (was)
6. If only he _________________ (not go) away to university. I miss him so much. (hadn't gone)
7. I wish Mark _________________ (write) to me earlier. (would write)

C. Rewrite the sentences.
Eg ‘I’m sorry I forgot to invite Emma to my party’
‘If only I hadn’t forgotten to invite Emma to my party’
1. It’s a pity that you can’t drive a car.
I wish you could drive a car
2. I’d love to be a few years older.
If only I were a few years older.
3. I regret telling Flair my secrets.
I wish I hadn't told Flair my secrets.

4. Unfortunately we arrived at the theatre late.
I wish we hadn't arrived ...
5. I'm sorry I can't go to the cinema with you.
I wish I could go to ...
6. It’s a pity that you don’t invite Ella.
If only you had invited Ella.
7. I regret not bringing more money with me.
I wish I had brought more money with me.
8. Unfortunately Max didn’t buy Claire a birthday present.
If only Max had bought Claire a birthday present.

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