Monday, February 15, 2010

Questions and Answers (II) + key answers

Hi, Guys!,

Here you can practise "Questions and Answers" made up by me, I hope they'll be useful for you. You can also correct your own questions, ok? Cheerio!

Write questions to the following answers. Pay attention to the words in bold. The key answers are in blue,ok?
1. They are playing basketball at school. - What are they playing?
2. We saw Jane last week. - Who did you see last week?
3. Peter fell down. - Who fell down?
4. We get up at 7.30 a.m. everyday. - What time do you get up everyday?
5. My grandfather had two old cars. - How many cars did your grandfather have?
6. I met Henry at the language school last summer. - Where did you meet Henry?
7. Peter and Chris have been studying for 3 hours. - How long have they been studying?
8. We used to go to the park when we were younger. - Where did you use to go when you were younger?
9. The plane takes off at 6.30 - When does the plane take off?
10. I meet my friends at the library three days a week. - How often do you meet your friends?

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