Monday, February 15, 2010

Review Questions and Answers with "Where is Waldo?"

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When I was a child, I loved the books called "Where is Waldo?". It was so entertaining! While I was looking for Wally, I was having a great time looking at the people around this character, they were playing football in Rome!, a child was chasing a cat; suddenly you could see a dwarf in the middle of a Roman stadium, etc. These books are so funny that I like using them at the end of some lessons, especially if I'm teaching the 1st year of Secondary.

Therefore, if you're an English teacher, I encourage you to pick up one of this book and use this in one lesson. You can ask your pupils to use and review all the verbal forms, in that way:
1. Ask children to work in pairs.
2. The students can spend 5 min. making up questions related to the pages of the book using different tenses.
3. They can ask their classmates, such as: Where is the man falling down the ladder?, How many children are jumping from a roof?, What is Waldo doing?
4. They are going to learn as well as have fun!
5. You, as a teacher, can correct their pronunciation and intonation.

6. You can also use this book to describe the charaters using different adjectives.
7. This book can be helpful to review Relative Clauses or other grammar points.

I'm certain your pupils and you are going to enjoy
these lessons too much! Come on! ;)

Here you have the official link: Where is WALDO?

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