Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

Do you remember SO,SUCH / TOO, ENOUGH? Anyway! Let's do the following exercises and we can review them. But before doing these activities, please, pay attention to this chart or schedule.

Such + a/an + adjective + singular noun

It was such a beautiful day yesterday

Such + adjective + plural / uncountable noun
 They are such good friends
* It is such expensive furniture

So + adjective / adverb + that ….
 It was so cold that we stayed in
* He ran so fast that he won

So much + uncountable noun + that
 There was so much noise that I couldn’t hear him

So many + countable noun + that
 So many people came that we needed more chairs

too + adjective / adverb (+ to-infinitive)
 It’s too hot (to work)
too + adjective / adverb + a/an + noun (+ to-inf.)
He is too weak a person (to fight)
(as a person, he is too weak to fight)

enough + plural / uncountable noun
 There is enough soup

adjective / adverb + enough
 The soup is hot enough
He ran fast enough (to win)

Fill the gaps with the suitable form: so / such / too / enough

1. He’s __________ excellent worker! he deserves to get promoted
2. mmm… This pizza is _________ tasty. I think I’ll have another piece.
3. That wall is _________ high for me to climb. I need a ladder.
4. They had __________ terrible weather in England that they came back in two days.
5. I was __________ hot coffee that I couldn’t drink it.
6. You don’t need to hurry up, we have __________ time to finish this exercise
7. It was __________ small a car for all of us, so we had to go in two cars.
8. Alonso didn’t drive fast __________ to overtake Schumacher in the last race.
9. Don’t worry about her. She is clever _________ to realise what she has to do
10. She didn’t speak loudly __________ for the audience to hear her.
2. SO / TOO
3. TOO
7. TOO


Rewrite the following sentences using SO, SUCH, TOO and ENOUGH:
1. He was too old to apply for the job.
He wasn't young enough to talk because the music was so loud.
2. We couldn't talk because the music was so loud. It was such loud music that we couldn't talk.
3. The queue for petrol was so long that we had to wait two hours.It was such a long queue for petrol that we had to wait two hours.
4. The bridge was so low that the bus couldn't go under it. It was such a low bridge that the bus couldn't go under it.
5. The food was so delicious that I could have eaten the same again! It was such delicious food that I could have eaten the same again.
6. The shelf was so high that I couldn't reach it. It was such high shelf that I couldn't reach it.
7. Unfortunately, I wasn't early enough to get a good seat. Unfortunately, I was too late to get a good seat.
8. It wasn't safe enough to ski on the soft melting snow. It was too dangerous to ski on the soft melting snow.
9. I didn't know what to buy; there were such a lot of bargains. ... there were too many bargains.

10. Seville is such a wonderful city that we'dl ike to visit! Seville was so colourful that we'd...


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