Monday, February 15, 2010

Teaching QUESTIONS and ANSWERS (part 1) ESL

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These days, we are learning how to make questions when we are given the answers. Firstly, we have to pay attention to the verbal form / tense of the answer, and then, we must think off the WH- question. Let me explain, if the answer is: He loves chocolate, the missing word in the question has to be "chocolate", because of that, we use: WHAT to start the English question.

Therefore, we have to bear in mind the WH-Questions in English:

WHAT: What are you doing? I'm studying English.

WHICH: Which is your favourite car? Which one do you prefer?

WHERE: Where does your father work? My father works in a big department store.

WHEN: When did you arrive? Well, we arrived at five.


a) Subject Question: Who broke the ancient vase?

John broke the ancient vase.

It is very easy to make a Sbj.Q., just copy everything from the answer except the Subj., ok?

b) Object Question: Who were you playing tennis with? I was playing tennis with Susan.

WHY: Why do you get up early on Sundays? I get up early on Sundays because I train football.

HOW: How are you? Fine, thank you! / How do you come to school? I come to school by bus.

How old: How old are you? I'm 18 (years old).

How long: How long have you been learning English?

I've been learning English since I was 6.

How long ago:How long ago did you arrive? We arrived three hours ago.

How far: How far is Seville from Madrid? It's 500km far.

How often: How often does Karen tidy her bedroom?
She tidies her bedroom twice a week.

How much: How much does this dress cost? It costs 50$.
How many: How many students are there? There are 150 students in the gym now.

Now let's practise Questions and Answers watching and listening to Real English conversations. Thanks a lot to "Real English". Please, pay attention to the verbal tenses, pronunciation, and so on. ( THERE ARE MORE BLOG ENTRIES OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, EXERCISES AND KEY ANSWERS, TAKE A LOOK!)

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