Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'd rather, I feel like, I'd prefer, I fancy ... so (2) exercises

Hi, Guys!,

On 5th February
, I explained to you the differences between these grammar constructions: I'd rather, I'd prefer, I feel like, I fancy... Now, I'm going to release some exercises to practise everything taught, ok? You can also find the key anwers below.

Put the following verbs in brackets into a suitable tense:

1. I'd rather you _____________ (not wacth) TV while I'm reading.
2. Sue would rather ________ (read) than _______ (wacth) TV.
3. I wish you _______ (try) to listening to me just for once!
4. Jack prefers me _________ (not say) anything about the missing money.
5. Jack would rather I ___________ (not say) anything about the missing money.
6. I'd prefer you ________ (not drive) tonight, it's raining a lot.
7. What _____ you ______ (prefer) coke or juice?
8. I ____________ (prefer) coke.
9. I'd rather he __________ (not smoke) in my car.
10. I'd rather ___________ (meet) my grandfather, he died before I had been born.

Key answers:
1. didn't watch
2. read / watch
3. would try
4. not to say
5. didn't say
6. not to drive
7. would you prefer
8. I'd prefer / I would prefer
9. didn't smoke
10. have met

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