Monday, February 15, 2010

SLANG WORDS, commonly used by teenagers

Hi, Guys!,

Are you interested in learning Slang Words? You may not use them so much, but you should be familiar with them. Let's see some examples! These slang words are rather common in TV series, real conversations, etc.
Because of that, I think it's gonna be useful for you!

MONEY= cash, dosh, dough, readies, notes.

POUND= quid, nicker.

DOLLAR= buck, green-back.

GREAT = that's awesome!, cool, wicked.

FAR-OUT= unbelievable

BABE= young attractive woman

BERK= stupid, foolish

CHEERIO= good-bye

CHILL-OUT = relax

DISH= good-looking attractive man

FAG= cigarette
TIME OUT = take a break

TAKE IT EASY= be careful


  1. i want to know these words because i wannu make there use in my chat between my friends,/.!!

    1. hmmm same here ..!! i wannt to make use of these words in high society


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