Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi, Guys!,

Do you need to practise Passive? Well, here you are just 25 sentences and the key answer! These are Present and Past Simple Passive.
Next week, I'm going to release more exercises related to Passive, ok?
Ready, Steady, GO!!!

Write the following sentences in Passive:

1. The architect designs houses.
Houses are designed by the architect.
2. The students don’t write a letter. A letter isn't written by the students.
3. Susan reads many romantic novels. Many romantic novels are read by Susan.
4. My boss offered a good salary. A good salary was offered by my boss.
5. The tourist guide showed the monuments. The monuments were showed by the tourist guide.
6. My firends organised a party. A party was organised by my friends.
7. This year my father doesn’t decorate the fountain. The fountain isn't decorated by my father this year.
8. They didn’t organise a competition every year. A competition wasn't organised every year.
9. My mother makes delicious cakes. Delicious cakes are made by my mother.
10. Ross invented a comfortable chair. A comfortable chair was invented by Ross.
11. The farmer didn’t plant new plants in his country. New plants weren't planted by the farmer in his country.
12. The local authorities give many prizes for the championship. Many prizes ... are given by the local authorities.
13. Tom and Louise don’t take many pictures. Many pictures aren't made by Tom and Louise.
14. They don’t usually do their homework. Their homework aren't usually done.
15. She paints a portray very well. A portray is painted very well.
16. The policemen didn’t find the thief yesterday. The thief wasn't found by the policemen yesterday.
17. I finish my project. My project is finished.
18. You don’t usually open that door. That door isn't usually opened.
19. They tidy their bedroom everyday. Their bedroom is tidied everyday.
20. My father hangs a new painting in the living room. A new painting is hung by my father in the living-room.
21. Rosa sings a new song. A new song is sung by Rosa.
22. David doesn’t record a new album. A new album isn't recorded.
23. They didn’t sell a lot of records. A lot of records weren't sold.
24. The little boy rings the bell every seventeen minutes. The bell is rung by the little boy every seventeen min.
25. We painted the wall blue. The wall was painted blue.

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